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Hello friends!

I am a professional-level cosplayer and costume designer who has taken a step back from professional competition. You may remember my Elune cosplay that took 3rd place at BlizzCon 2016, and dozens of iconic Blizzard and other game cosplay designs!

I'm always be working toward a major costume goal. Funds from Patreon, donations, and other subscription services are used to help pay for materials and supplies to create my costumes by hand, or to purchase completed costumes in some instances. These costume goals and their anticipated completion dates will be posted for patrons to read and contribute to, and to also see other ways to provide additional support if desired.

I've created this Patreon as an option for those of you who are looking for additional content outside of my other channels.

The benefits here are photo-heavy and interactive!

  • Every month, patrons get to vote on a theme for a photoshoot! You will have the first two weeks of the month to get your votes in. Photosets will be posted during the second half of the month. These happen regardless of whether or not there is a completed costume shoot coming up.

  • I will be self-shooting my own monthly voted theme photosets framed similar to collectible photocards in various poses and outfits. These sets will always be a balanced mix of cute, sexy, and fun (including candid Dany cat pics!). There will be some photographer and friend collaborations including possible pairings with other cosplayers along the way! The amount given on tiers is the guaranteed minimum per photoset, and I will make sure higher tier patrons get some sweeteners every so often. ;)

  • As costumes are completed, a professional photographer is collaborating with me for high quality photoshoots. :) The completed costume photosets will be of significantly higher quality and resolution than the voted sets, taken by one of the photographers I typically work with for my cosplay shoots. Note: All high quality files for tier 2 and 3 patrons are suitable for wallpapers, but full-res files will not be provided.

  • For supplemental photos in addition to the benefits you receive on here, all tiers are invited to add me on Snapchat! It's my personal account, so there's no steamy porn. ;) But there will DEFINITELY be those too-hot-for-streams cosplay updates, fitness posts, cute pics, cat pics, and whatever else I end up posting while hopped up on FFXIV and unbridled black mage power.

  • Additional event photosets and news links will also be posted as I find them. This can happen at any time, even months or YEARS after events! These include previously unposted cosplay photos and candid shots. I'll also be including assorted Very Important Updates concerning Dany cat, dancing, fitness, singing, and anything else of critical importance. All tiers will have access to this bonus cultivated content :3

  • Patrons will have special access to limited print runs! Every so often my photographer and I will select an exclusive photo to offer to you in a beautiful poster size of your choosing.

Please note that higher tiers will have access to additional photos including exclusive high quality files in the photosets, so it is HIGHLY recommended that you adjust your tier before that month's photoshoot when professional sets are previewed! These will NOT be exactly timed with the completion of a costume (editing, etc), so please pay attention to your billing dates and such. I will do my best to post abundant reminders for you all to make adjustments beforehand!

Nowadays, I'm all about working on the passion projects I've been thirsting to get my claws into. As some of you who have been with me for the long haul know, my health has a lot of ups and downs these days. I deal with a lot of nerve issues by overworking my hands on creative work since I was 10 years old, but also damaged abdominal and femoral nerves from multiple major surgeries that cause a lot of problems both while working on and wearing costumes for long periods of time. 

As if those issues alone weren't enough to slow down my progress, I am now suffering from terrifyingly severe migraines. I've dealt with migraines off and on throughout my adult life, but they are now at the point of heavy medication management—100mg daily doses of topamax which impairs cognitive function, on top of imitrex which is now paired with zofran for migraine attacks. When migraines hit me, I am too nauseated and weak to get out of bed for 7+ hours at a time, even after taking rescue medication, because the vomiting and dehydration takes everything out of me. I also live alone so I don't get any help unless I happen to be with family when these attacks occur. The frequency of these attacks is now up to once per week, and the severity is only increasing over time. (Yes, I'm continuing to work with my medical team on this and I'm doing everything possible to prevent migraine triggers. The only major trigger is extreme light contrast, but weather and temperature fluctuations are also doing it.)

I want to be up front about all that not out of pity, but to fully explain that everything you see me create is made for all of you. I can't do this for myself anymore. I honestly don't have it in me. I've run out of energy on my own. I can't motivate myself from within.

Whenever you see me smiling and happily working on something, chatting with you in my Twitch streams or hanging with you guys at events, it's because I'm doing all of this for you. I want to make the things that make YOU happy, that make YOU smile, that give YOU purpose and make YOU feel alive. I want to help give YOU the motivation to wake up, get out of bed, and put one foot in front of the other to do something every single day. Even if it's just for one silly cat picture, one cool cosplay pic, or one amazing stage show, I am doing this for you. You give me life.

I want to work though the pain and create things for you.

My hope is that you'll find joy in my creations and smile at the silly stuff I do in between them, but also perhaps find inspiration in my continued struggle to press ahead instead of caving into my circumstances. If even one person finds the will to keep going because of what they see me push through, then it will all be worth it.

$307 of $777 per month
When I reach $777 per month, patrons will enjoy photosets from an on-location special bimonthly photoshoot with a professional photographer! These shoots will be various lighting, painting, smoke, fire, and environment experiments featuring different types of cosplay and fashion.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
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