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Who this?

Hi, I'm Alvaro S. also known as Alvarop. I am a game developer and all around creative type that likes challenging, unique and experimental games.


I made projects such as, a website on which I publish games that can only ever be played once. I wrote about the experience and what length in videogames means to me on medium.

Another recent project is LANDSCAPE POLICE, a video-game installation that I made for Eastern Bloc, a Montreal based art gallery. The game was presented during one night, as an installation that consisted of 5 different screens. Four of them were CRT screens, that showed a recording of myself playing the game, another one (LCD) displayed gameplay.
Players used a USB calculator for input. 

is an upcoming commercial release for 3DS, Switch and Steam, which you can check out here. It's a tough as nails platformer, in which the levels are selected randomly from a pool of 100. The goal is to beat every single level and eventually reach the final boss. It includes a level editor, online sharing and an awesome soundtrack.

I also enjoy streaming on Twitch and sharing my knowledge and thoughts on game design. So if you want to see what I do, join the fun.

What can I do?

I am using Patreon as a way to support my creative endeavours as a game developer. With the funds provided, I will be able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to showing off the development process and sharing what I'm learning during the journey that I'm taking. 

Your support means a lot to me and it will truly allow me to develop as a game maker and artist overall. 

I use a variety of tools, such as Construct 2,  Haxeflixel and Unity for game development, so if you're into any of these, you might enjoy my streams and work overall.

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I will be able to dedicate a whole extra day to streaming my development and experimentation.
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