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About Necro

Hi, I'm Necro and I'm the creator of and I provide these websites and services free of charge for lovers of Netrunner all around the globe. I'm doing this in my spare time. I would appreciate your support and get a warm, fuzzy feeling that my work matters. is a database of Netrunner tournaments. You can see the upcoming tournaments and the results of past tournaments. The site comes with close integration of NetrunnerDB. You are able to claim tournament spots with decks created at NetrunnerDB. It also enables you to track your tournament accomplishments and get badges (achievements). provides statistical analysis of the decks and IDs being used at tournaments. You can see how different factions and cards are doing over time as the meta shifts. How about knowing what kind of ICE and breakers are popular? There's much more, explore it yourself!
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I will make a Youtube video each month. Probably analysis of the current meta, maybe some tutorial videos for my sites. I will let the community decide which topic they find most interesting.
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