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three legged dog
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-twice monthly WEATHER REPORT 

----what you'll get-----

you will be sent a bi-monthly audio adventure called WEATHER REPORT. i wouldn't call it a podcast but it is my voice and i am recording myself talking. weather report is going to catch you up on whats been going on with me, my friends and family will take a seat with me every once in a while, and its going to be a good time. 

four legged dog
per month
-access to WEATHER REPORT twice a month!

-one item sent to you via USPS once a month every month!

ART item----

wow art. you will receive a handmade item from me in the mail every month. we are talking prints, zines, patches, drawings, stickers etc etc. the last thing i want is to be redundant, so the vagueness of this particular tier is intentional! it'll be a surprise to look forward to every month!




per month



first thing, a big thanks for visiting this page. its a real DOG world out there, everyone has their own lives to live, and so the time you are spending to read and participate in this is forever appreciated.

this is what i am thinking. i am going to make things exclusively for the people that are subscribed. you will get something sent to you in the mail, you can hang it up on your wall and when your friends come over and see it, you can rest easy that the artwork you have is exclusive(!), important(!), and interesting(!). it'll be a good conversation starter, it will carry you through your adulthood, it will challenge you like a good friend, it'll call your mom every sunday.

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