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After nearly 25 years around disc golf, I realized I could combine it with my love for photography. There was a need in the sport for a photographer who didn't have ties to a certain place, someone who could travel around the country, taking photos at each event for sponsors, manufacturers, and to help build the tour itself. The budget wasn't there for someone to be flown out for each event and, honestly, it was barely there for someone who wasn't. The only way to do it sustainably was to follow the tour, the same way the pros do it, from event to event, grinding out late tournament nights, early mornings, battling motion sickness from my van "office", uploading from coffee shops, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Between the late nights, early mornings, players' parties, and campground meals, I got to know the pros I was photographing. I got to know the tournament directors, the people behind the scenes of the Disc Golf Pro Tour and PDGA. I got to know the small (and large) business owners who devote their lives to disc golf and the other creators who strive to share it with the rest of the world. Along the way, I realized that I had this special ability to connect these people with everyone at home. All of the people I met in each place wanted one thing, a glimpse into the unique bubble of a life where Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, or Paige Pierce live.

I mean who wouldn’t, right?

Fast forward 2 years and I have found myself a part of a community with some of the most dedicated people I have ever met. My goal is to bring them closer to you, share their stories and personalities with you through my photos. With my new-found love (obsession) with videos I will show you the more personal moments. I will teach you as I am learning and expanding my video and photo skills and bring you along for the ups and downs of van life and the tour in general.

On this page you can expect to find:
  • Photo albums from the 2019 National Tour and Disc Golf Pro Tour events
  • Disc Golf Tourist & Van Perks videos
  • *New this year* FPO Player Spotlight videos
  • Photography + Videography Tips and Tricks

Thanks for checking out my content. You are the motivation behind my photography and the reason I started making YouTube videos. I had no idea as a kid, out at my home course with my dad, that I would be so involved in what I've learned is the best, most tight-knit, community there is!


At the very least you have now learned a little more of the story behind the lens. Just the fact that you are here means a lot to me.

At any level you will have access to private photo albums, Behind the Scenes of the tour life, exclusive deals on merch, and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting high-quality disc golf media. Every time you share, comment, or like my (and other disc golf media company's) content, you help spread our sport to the masses. Every little thing helps!

The top end of this Patreon is for people who either love me more than my mom or (more likely) want help honing their own photo + video skills. I am grateful to be where I am and I want to give back to the creative community as much as possible!

But the crazy perks aren’t what this Patreon is about.

You want to help me produce content and I want to produce as much as humanly possible for you.

Thank you for believing in me and valuing the hard work I put in. Being a part of this supportive community has changed my life. I wouldn't be able to capture these moments without you.

Thank you for subscribing.

** Photos in albums remain under copyright to Alyssa Van Lanen Images, but may be shared for personal use, tagging the event coordinators (@DiscGolfProTour or @PDGA) and @AlyssaVanLanenImages **

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
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