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I'd love to post more videos and go to more places, especially unusual places.  Alas, funds are limited, the spirit is willing but the wallet is weak.  I don't like the whole idea of asking for money but guess I need to make a visit to realityland.  Perhaps there are some generous benefactors out they, maybe like John Beresford Tipton, Jr.?  (You will have to google that one, old-timers may recognize it.)  
Would like to do more solo journeys and more train journeys.  I travel by myself, sometimes I go with a travel company and sometimes purely by myself.  I'm not a young guy like many of the other Youtubers.  
Wishlists:  North Pole, Siberia, St. Helena Island (ref Napoleon), Namibia desert, Yosemite, , etc., etc.
Sorry, I'm not on any social media- too much info to too many places.

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