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About Madeline Wright


I'm Madeline Wright (A.k.a  A Mad Vox). I'm producing an album of original music and a new podcast edition in 2021. Inspired by February Album Writing Month (, I've already written lyrics to 14 brand new songs in 2021. I'm now welcoming you to become a patron of my original music and forthcoming podcast as I develop the content and share the process with you!

I'm producing all musical arrangements, which is a (fun!) challenge in itself, but I'm also doing it in a way to be able to perform them live for you! 

I'm creating a 2nd edition of the "A Mad Vox" podcast for release in 2021, focused around this musical endeavor.

Your patronage will be instrumental in fueling these creative efforts. Depending on the level you'll unlock cool perks that may include but are not limited to the following:  
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  • A shout out in any music video I make for this album
  • Access to unreleased music
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  • Download access to handwritten lyrics
  • My sincerest gratitude!
Who knows? I may share my other unreleased musical stuff too! 
Follow A Mad Vox on IG (@amadvox) and Twitter (@amadvox) and use the hashtag #amadvox to join the conversation. Thank you,
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