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About Amaizink Art & Design

Hey! my names Angelica V. Newby I have been drawing since childhood, it was my way of opening my world from my room, I would draw anime characters, fantasy illustrations, video game art and ink designs. Now in this present day, my style and flow or art  has evolved in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I am originally from the east coast an Alumni of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and attained a Graphic Design Degree as well as illustration training. I moved to California on a one way ticket and set out to make my mark in the world and I haven’t looked back. I have some great projects coming up and because of my drive, curiosity in different applications of my art and need to create, my aspirations  have led me to my current location: Chateau Orquevuax, in the village of Orquevaux, France, a 6 week artist residency that I attained to immerse myself in my craft! For the past 4 years, I have displayed my artwork in galleries and events all over California doing live painting and installations, while building an extensive library of abstract paintings and designs. These pieces are typically drawn using fine point ink pens or acrylic paint, edited into Surface Pattern Designs and printed on textiles and wallpaper, made into clothing, prints, and home décor products. Come join my artsy community :)

So in 2018, I decided to form  Amaizink Art & Design, an Art/Design brand which conducts different graphic and surface design services as well as original paintings, murals, and installation art. Here is more info about my work below:

My art form is themed around emotions, feelings and environmental influences, what comes out are a beautiful and sporadic flow of lines, shapes, people or animals. It is up to your perception to ‘See what you want to see’ in these illustrations. Taking the time to look into a design or even a momentary glance can yield a new perspective to you, some viewers have even mentioned my work as a type of modern-day Rorschach test.

You will see new images moments, weeks or even years later so there is a lasting impression my work can give. Nothing makes me happier than creating art and finding new ways to evolve my art style into new creations. Over the past few years, I realized that drawing my designs are a form of art therapy for me as well as others. During art shows, I interact with the people who view the work with a completely different mental and therapeutic experience. I hope to always be able to show you something different, deep and lovely in my work as I feel I am guided by my ancestors when I create. I hope you find the spiritual and ancestral connection we all crave and need in this art form. If your not the spiritual type that more than fine too, so I hope you see my work as pretty bad ass :)

My aim of being on Patreon is to continue pushing the visual and physical capabilities of my art in new forms.  With your support, my designs can expand to woodworking, metalworking, AR and VR technology, public installations and more! The possibilities are endless and I intend to walk down that path, in full submission to this artsy journey.

My ultimate goal is to create a community of people that can see and feel something deeper and exciting from my work. I wish to connect people from all parts of the globe and be an artistic conduit even further with their ancestors. I want to take viewers of my work on a journey of the heart and mind thru various applications of my designs. 

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