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Hi, my name is Kim Bilyk. From a young age fitness and healthy living has been a big part of my life. Growing up I played on multiple sports teams focusing more on the physical side of fitness, which eventually led to me getting my Bachelors in Physical Education and Sports Performance. At that time I also completed my Certified Personal Training (CPT) Certification and was managing multiple city gyms in my hometown. In 2007 my father had a brain aneurysm which increased my interest in rehabilitation and disease prevention. Around that time I also found my personal yoga practice. This was the beginning of studying and living a life of holistic practices to maintain my own health and wellness. Seeing how yoga changed my life on mental, physical, and spiritual aspect made me want to give and share that experience with others. As well it motivated me to broaden my studies to different areas of holistic healing including nutrition and reiki. My nutrition interest became even stronger in 2017 when I started competing in bikini competitions and went vegan. At this time I got my health coaching certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Along my own personal journey I’ve learnt that weight training and yoga compliment one another greatly and what you eat not only has a significant impact on weight loss but also on how you feel. I’ve also learnt there is no one-size-fits all approach to being the healthiest you. Each person has they own journey and needs. Lets explore yours!


I help my clients not only to achieve their personal fitness goal but improve and sustain their overall health and quality of life. What I do is very fulfilling, but I felt as if I needed to reach more people all around the world. YouTube ended up being the platform that enabled us to do that in an efficient and personal way.  I'm able to train hundreds of people at a time every week. The most gratifying feeling is when someone from a different part of the world comments on a video and says how happy they are with their gains!  We plan, format, shoot and edit workout videos every week to bring you guys an amazing fitness platform. When we discovered Patreon, we thought this is genius. It allows us to start compensating the team of people that produces the videos which helps us continue to serve you, and gives you a chance to support free fitness! So if you enjoy what we're doing, feel free to join the movement.  No amount is too small. Either way we will continue to deliver great workouts for you guys and provide a great place to tune into for all of your health and fitness needs!


We will do things like release workout videos early and Q&A sessions to Patrons first but beyond that we would like our Fitness Friends to tell us what they would like as rewards for supporting free fitness.  Since YouTube is a video platform there are certain things we obviously can't do.  For example, post detailed meal plans.  So if that interest you, let us know, or if there is something we're not thinking about let us know, and we will build our reward program with YOUR ideas! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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