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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my Patreon page.

My name is Ammar Abdulhamid. I am a Syrian-American author, blogger and activist. In 2005, I came to the United States as a political refugee. When the Syrian revolution broke out in 2011, I was one of the main figures trying to explain its implications to the policy community in Washington and the American public at large. In 2016, I became a U.S. citizen and, for the first time in my life, I voted as part of a free and fair electoral process, the controversy concerning Russian dabbling notwithstanding. As we enter 2017, I plan to do all that I can in order to protect our democratic system, having experienced what its absence can do. One ravished homeland is enough. 

Why this page

In an age when fake news promotion and fear-mongering are happening on the highest levels of political authority both in the United States and abroad, I thought that the best I could do to contribute to ongoing efforts at recalibrating the public conversation and bringing back a much-needed measure of sobriety to it is to share my rather unique perspective on things. Unique because I came to this country as a refugee, a Syrian refugee to be specific, and although I am an American citizen now, my journey was a long one, and I have never imagined that it will end with America seemingly poised to make an about-face on certain humanitarian commitments that have long become integral to its historic experiences and values.

So what do I plan to do exactly to help prevent this dangerous turn? Blog, of course.

Blogging has long been my favorite mode of self-expression when it comes to issues of public policy. I’ve been doing it on and off for more than fifteen years now, and this has not gone unnoticed in the Washingtonian policy circles where my blog posts and reports are closely monitored. 

My blogging style has always leveraged my personal experiences as a the sole offspring of one of Syria’s better known artistic family, as someone who had a brief brush with radical Islam when I was in my early twenties before getting exposed to the writings of America’s Founding Fathers and transforming myself into one of Syria’s known prodemocracy and human rights activist, and as a person who enjoys combining irreverent satire with serious policy analysis.

At this stage, what I hope to do is keep updating my blog, The Daily Digest of Global Delirium. The blog represents a rather ambitious undertaking and features different sections dedicated to policy analysis and commentary (domestic and foreign), satire  and, in a way, philosophy. It even has its own cartoon section, its own virtual theater and its own glossary (recent entries include: the Bannonites, and Kissing the Yak). Quirkiness galore.

I treat every blog post as standalone work of art almost, one that draws on each of the sections mentioned above to make a point or to elaborate on certain running themes. I also continue to modify and add sections. The whole thing is always a work in progress.

And I'm responsible for every bit of it. 

As the title of the blog indicates, the vision behind it seems to be particularly suited to the times at hand. The preamble which welcomes visitors to the site immediately sets the tone:

“It has been almost 10,000 years since we built our first cities and called them states; 10,000 years since the beginning of civilization and the invention of organized politics and religion. Yet, and for all the time that has elapsed, and all the progress made, the gods and men seem more angry than they have ever been before, driven by primordial longings that remain unfulfilled and seemingly unfulfillable. We have now moved into the thick of a new century, the first in a new millennium in our haphazard existence, and the venomous rancor of the most powerful of our gods and men is threatening to plunge the world into a new era of darkness and delirium, as unnecessary and unfathomable as such development has always been. These are the chronicles of these mad and maddening times, recorded as they unfold for the benefit of a posterity that may not come to be, yet should it do so may need to understand from whence it did and how it managed to survive in the face of all odds, mayhap its children would learn from the mistakes that are now being made.”

But, and as I explain in the about section, it’s not my intention

“to celebrate the macabre or engage in a continuous litany of grievances; rather, the hope here is to show and defend what is deemed to be ethical and to highlight the necessity of more objective and properly contextualized understanding of the world around us.”

Serious blogging, however, is more than just a full-time job and requires more than following the news. A serious blogger has to do plenty of research in order to delve behind the headlines. More importantly, the serious blogger has to lay bare his very soul, because without a personal touch, a blog post is just an article.

This is at least how I approach blogging, and I believe that this particular moment in time when the authority of facts is being challenged and people are being dehumanized then demonized requires this kind of commitment and perspective.

So, the primary goal of this campaign at this stage is to reach the goal of $5,000/month, which will enable me to maintain the blog over the long haul. Funds will be used to defray costs such as transport and travel (following news and developments is not just about watching a screen but requires attending events and workshops near and far) and promotional activities (Facebook, Twitter, Google), as well as enable me to dedicate myself full-time to the endeavor.

Should monthly pledges exceed $5,000/month by an appreciable margin, then, I would be able to invite guest authors to add more flavor and insight. Naturally, I will invite authors whose background and expertise will enable them to tackle issues from angles and perspectives to which many Americans are rarely exposed, but should be.

For now, however, we need to keep the focus on reaching our primary goal. 

By enabling people to make monthly pledges of as little as $2, the Patreon Community offers a unique opportunity for launching and sustaining creative endeavors of the type described here over the long-haul without putting undue burden on any one person or organization. This is why I feel that the goal set here is indeed attainable.

$0 of $5,000 per month
Reaching this goal means that I can keep updating The Daily Digest of Global Delirium on a regular basis indefinitely. 
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