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Welcome to my Patreon!  My name is Avatar Z Brown, better known online as 'AZ' or 'Amarynceus' ('Amar' for short), and I'm an illustrator of varied interests, from serious nautical research paintings to whimsical and gay cartoon horses.  You may have seen my work over at  deviantart, or on tumblr or twitter.  If you're here, I hope you might be considering joining my crew!

So, Amar, what do you create?

Right now, I'm inbetween major projects, having completed the 1000 Days of Doodles at the end of 2018.  I will be launching a webcomic in Late Summer of this year, and most of my private art efforts are devoted to this project and the world of Tethys in which it is set.

I also create a lot of fanart for the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I do regular live artstreams over at as well, where I enjoy showing the process of creating art in all its horrible majesty, and often do so in the company of other amazing artists and friends.

How does this all work, and what do I get?

Basically, you pledge to give me a certain amount each month by signing on at whatever tier is comfortable for you, and in return you get my gratitude and other, more tangible rewards!  The basics are outlined in each tier description, to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I charged?
I have recently enabled the 'charge up front' model, so be mindful if you choose a higher tier -- Patreon will charge you immediately upon pledging for the first month.  After the initial charge, billing will be on the regular cycle at the start of each month.

When do I get my rewards?

Ideally, I start the month's batch of rewards as soon as the payments are processed and in my personal accounts; this is usually on the 5th of each month.  Completion time varies depending on the nature of the rewards, of course, but the goal is always to have all rewards complete by the end of each month.  Life prevents this from happening sometimes, but I'll always get to it in the end.  I'm pretty backlogged right now due to personal exhaustion following 1000 Days of Doodles project, but this is only a temporary situation.

You're behind on my art!
Yes, I know.  Thank you for your patience.  It will be worth the wait!  There are times when I do straight up forget about things and lose my notes, so don't be shy about poking me if it has been a while since you made a reward request.  ^-^;

How do the higher tiers work?
The Captain and Admiral tiers are essentially ways to get commissions from me when my regular commissions are closed, and pay for them over a span of time.  Commissions on the layaway system, if you will.  (This is also an option for Commanders, in lieu of the regular monthly sketch reward.)  These tiers are usually full, but I can always open another slot if you're interested (and I have time!)

How do the 'Certificates of such-and-such' work?
These are rewards for long-term support.  Ideally by the time it comes for me to craft these, I'll have some idea of what to surprise you with, but if inspiration fails I can always just ask what you'd like as an extra. ;)  

Where does the Money Go?
I made a little graphic:
$711.62 of $750 per month
Nearly three quarters of my basic expenses!
A special reward will be coming soon... A 'Ship of Patrons' drawing, with all of you onboard!  (I finally remembered what it was).  Completion date: when I can.
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