is creating studio vlogs and content on learning to be being creative!
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About pam

Hey you, welcome to the

Amateur Creatives Club patreon!

(Now pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let's get comfy!)

I'm Pam, nice to meet ya! I'm a multi-passionate amateur creative and artist who loves experimenting with art, creating travel journals and living my most creative life.

My mission is to share my passions and creative knowledge with YOU through beautiful, intentional and curated content -- such as bad-ass blogposts and fun videos -- that will (hopefully) motivate and inspire you to liberate your inner artist ✨

why i'm on patreon

I decided to join Patreon because I want to be able to fund interesting creative projects + make more time to focus on the Amateur Creatives.

Your generosity and support will allow me to laser-focus on projects that are helpful and fun for you. It also helps me learn more about your own hurdles on creativity and tailor my content to answer your specific needs :) Your pledges will allow me to purchase and try out different tools and art supplies, put food on the table and keep the lights bright.

things i create

01 // I love writing about my personal journey on exploring art and liberating my inner artist. I like to try different creative mediums and share my what I've learned and try to inspire each and everyone of you to let go of your limiting beliefs when it comes to art :)

02 // I create different videos centered on art from drawing challenges to studio vlogs. I often share my day to day life as a freelance artist trying to live my most vibrant life. 

03 // I like to challenge myself artistically - from learning how to draw from scratch and getting messy with acrylic paints. I like to share my progress on my Instagram account! Right now, I'm working on my 100-day project -- #100DaysOfAcrylicLyrics:

You can learn more about me and my art at my website,!

 I appreciate you and will forever be grateful of your support! 

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My first milestone! I'm grateful and amazed by your support! Once I reach this goal, I will start including patron shoutouts at the end of all my videos :)
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