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About Amazastrophic

Who are we?
Amazastrophic is a 2 person independent development team currently developing Bloodlines of Prima, a first person fantasy survival MMORPG. We decided to develop this game after being disappointed with the available MMO choices. It felt like the game we wanted to play just didn't exist, so we decided to make it.  

Why Patreon?
We wanted to provide another avenue for those who would like to support our game development outside of purchasing the game. Particularly those who are interested in influencing the development of BoP by giving honest feedback and opinions.

What is the money for?
Server costs, commissioning art assets and other development costs.

What do we offer?
All Patreon supporters will have access to monthly development updates. We will be sharing behind the scenes screenshots and information, in depth explanations of our design choices and lore. We are also really looking for feedback from our players and supporters and plan on offering many opportunities for everyone to share their thoughts and opinions. We strive to stay very active and responsive in Discord.

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