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We weren’t built for normal - and your weird is my favorite thing about you.

I'm creating stories and essays for sensitive humans, magic souls, and those floating-far-outside-the-box. Words for the edge-dwellers and the people with hearts so big they don't know where to put all the feels, so they leak out of their eyeballs in the produce aisle at the grocery store.

Here's some of what you get: 

Discussions of the Big Life Stuff (and Small Life Stuff): 

Love and death and joy and addiction and magic and quelling anxiety and rewiring our brains and living in a new way. I love to tap into the ether and universal intelligence for information - and here’s where I share that with you, on whatever I'm thinking about or feels big on a cosmic or collective scale that week. I’m not going to call these essays, because I'm aiming for more chatty and friendly than epic and structured (plus I go all perfectionist-y when anyone says the word "essay"), so we’ll call them Discussions. There will also be discussions of randomly silly things, because laughter is crucial. 

Personal Essays o’ Joy and Weird:

When I say weird, I mean weird. Talking to dragons weird, getting back with an ex because his long-dead mother popped into my kitchen weird, hanging out with invisible unicorns weird, using a stuffed sea otter as a baby substitute weird. I freely admit that's a lot of weird. I’ve been working on a memoir for the past few years - check my posts from 2019 for more - and will occasionally offer something new.

If any of this grabs your heart or nudges your soul, I’d love to have you here!

xo - Amber

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 52 exclusive posts

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