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About Amber Age

Hi new folks,

I'm Amber, a 21 year old musician trying to turn my inspiration into music to get some more Rock-n-Roll into the world. I do so, for instance, on my YouTube channel and with my one-woman-band, Park Lane Memorial.

I need you because...?
Of course, that means I have expenses: strings, picks, gear that wears out, rent and sometimes new gear. Which is where you come in! Because you can help me cover these expenses and help me keep making music. Which I would be very grateful for! As a little "thank you", you can enjoy small benefits such as voting on which songs I should cover and getting early access to songs and videos, depending on how much you pledge.

But what am I going to use that money for?
I can give you examples of expenses that come with making music. For instance, a set of strings for my guitar usually costs between 5 and 10€, a set of strings for my bass between 10 and 20. A handful of picks cost me 5€, replacing a broken cable costs roughly 10€. If I can rely on people to support me, I can keep my gear up-to-date and in good shape, acquire new gear and software, and cover any music-related expenses.
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