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I’m Amber Bird. I’m a writer, a rockstar, and a sci-fi simulacrum. I’m the author of near-dystopian/cyberpunk/hopepunk book Peace Fire; the frontperson, vocalist, and lyricist of post-punk/post-glam band Varnish; one half of transatlantic Autistic musical duo The Companions; a poet (SF/F and “literary” poems) who’s starting to get published (online and in print); and an unabashed geek. I’ve also been working on videos and some static art lately.

An Autistic, reclusive introvert who found that music, books, and geek entertainments saved me in many ways throughout my life, I write and make music in hopes of adding to someone else's escape or rescue. And, yes, I was on that Magic card, but hope that someday that’s not my most recognised contribution to imaginary worlds and geekdom.

Pretty regularly, someone lets me know they wish they could find a way to show support for me or to help me get my songs, my books, my poems, my videos, etc out sooner. Or they say they wish they could buy me a drink or a meal to show me they appreciate my work. Let’s let Patreon make it happen! (Though I reserve the right to spend that beverage or meal money on supplies to make the art happen better/sooner.)

I’m not setting up reward levels yet; I hate to make promises that could get bumped by a deadline. (And that’s likely, as I’m in the hectic space of working on drafts for 2 novels, a load of poems that need revising and submitting, a music video for each current band, some new static art things, and concepts for albums...) For now, this is more a way for you to buy me that metaphorical beverage, if you’d like. I’ll add some reward tiers as soon as I’ve got things in a place where I can be super reliable.

Thanks for being part of this. The things I create make my time on this little planet worth it.


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