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About Ambient Zone

Hi! Welcome to the Ambient Zone.

Remember the Spacemusic podcast ? I created the first episode back in 2005 - Spacemusic hosted by *TC*. Within a few months (after Apple added podcasts to iTunes in June 2005) we went from 50 dl/month to roughly 4,000 dl/month and it did not stop there. At the end of Spacemusic Season 9 in the year 2014 statistics showed a grand total of over 2,8 Million downloads which was truly phenomenal. The show had become a global and very much appreciated EM beacon. Featuring many artists from all around the world.

2015: the Ambient Zone was launched. Ambient non-stop mixes and radio shows on Mixcloud. For some it was truly different, streaming for sure, no downloads. For others it was even better than ever. For me: the beginning of something new and exciting.

2017: this is super exciting! The Spacemusic Podcast back online! Available here on the Patreon page. Podcasts. Downloads. Electronic Music entertainment... LIVE from Cyprus using new technologies: please support me to become a fulltime Ambient Zone/Spacemusic podcaster!

2019: second option to support the show: the new Ambient Zone website 2.0 is launched. The Spacemusic podcast, Scanner, The Lab and Ambient Zone TV will become available for Members of the Ambient Zone. Important: Spacemusic podcasts will continue to be released here on the Patreon page as well. So if you don't want to change anything, you don't have to do anything. We keep things simple.

" As I am now a fulltime podcaster, I have made important and exciting decisions already. Thanks to YOU supporting Me in the Ambient Zone *** as a Patron or as a Member *** the show can continue! Spread the words my friends; let's double the amount of Patrons and Members so we can go travel, meet artists, visit great venues + go to the next phase ... "  ~TC


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When I reach $600 per show: more safe and comfortable situation, able to pay the bills and invest in some new tools for new media productions. I will start working on my next new album in the studio and the podcast will develop to a next level dimension ...  THANKS!
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