Maxim Sliussarev

is creating photography, video, documentaries, music video, animation, film
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About Maxim Sliussarev

Hi! I'm Maxim Sliussarev - writer, director, photographer. I've been creating for 10 years now. And all that time this process included making money to make art. For once I want my art to make money. Let the experiment begin).

Watch my Instagram for photography:

Check out my director/scriptwriter porfolio here:

Also check out my Behance page:

In 2017 first time in Cannes with "November rail road"
2013 and 2014 Ru.Tv winner
Ibiza music video festival winner
Winner 25 Frame festival
Semi finnalist Miami Epic Fest
Sarajevo fashion film festival finalist
Was part of: French art tv -; London Fashion Week;

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I will make a tutorial video for mobile colorcorrection
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