Amé Binnarä K.

is creating Vegan + Cruelty Free Watercolours and Arts

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Hello and welcome!

My name is Amé, a Paintmaker, Illustrator and Printmaker in Berlin, Germany.

Back in 2016, I began developing love for watercolour paints as a medium. I soon learnt that most of what I had were not exactly fitting my needs - more specifically, they were made from all sorts of animal derived materials. E.g. squirrel fur in brushes, gelatine in paper, charred bones, ox gall, and honey in paints.

This led me to think of making my own paints. It took me a month or two of researching and studying the process and materials, as I began my journey into watercolour paints making.

After a few months of trials and errors - in the summer of 2017, I founded „Eventually, Everything Mixes!“ with the vision of supplying cruelty free and vegan watercolour paints. It was a big step which were both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Since then, I have received an incredible amount of support and love from creators and artists all over the world. 

And two years on, I am still here making more and more paints!

EEM now offers over 50 colours. The range includes a range of earth colours(„The Earthly“), specially curated and mixed my own colours(„The Specials), and carefully and passionately curated sets such as „The OSLO“, „The Berliner“, and „The Ritual“. 

As a part of EEM, I conduct workshops on drawing and watercolour painting(basics, how to create special textures and handle colours in different ways) in Berlin. The motto of these workshops is that „Anyone can create - arts are for everybody.

This is something I have always believed in ever since I started creating as a wee child. And my vision is that I could encourage and inspire those who are new to drawing and painting, as well as create the opportunity of using creativity as something of a fun meditation. I plan to offer more workshops here in Berlin and other places in the near future! 

Creating this Patreon page is another big leap for me to grow further. With your support, I hope to make more colours and workshops, and achieve my goals.

Thank you all for your support!


“Eventually, Everything Mixes!“
[email protected]

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More Arts!

This year(2019) I have set up my own illustration/zines brand, Katzekotze. My aim is to grow further as an artist. Achieving this goal will enable me to put more time and focus on creating my own arts.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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