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About Amelion

I'm a freelance artist who loves illustration, graphic design and videogames. Since I was little, my great passion has been creating my own stories, characters and worlds. My big dream is to show my stories to the world making videogames, I want to be able to inspire and thrill people as others did with me. I have worked in game development, also as a graphic designer and right now I'm focused on my own projects.

My art is based on original content, but I also do fanart sometimes. My main goal is to publish my first webcomic in which I have been working for a while. But I have many other projects in mind that could be possible thanks to your support: Artbooks, prints, merchandising, a visual novel videogame and more.

Right now I'm going through a rough patch in my life. Because of health problems I can't work and draw as much as I would like. For that reason, this Patreon is mainly supportive, since I can't offer as many rewards as I would like to. Even so, I keep drawing and working hard on my projects whenever I can, creating is my life and nothing would stop me from doing it. The content will not be as abundant as before and some months maybe won't have a new finished illustration, but in those cases, my patrons can choose rewards from old packs (such as Step by steps or Full sizes of others illustrations).

Your support is very important to me! so if you don't like Patreon but you still want to support me, you can do it by following me on my social media, showing my work to your friends or buying me a coffee on my Ko-fi page. Thank you so much!  

To thank you for your support you'll get some rewards depending on the tier. This is the info about the rewards:

● Patron only feed: Early access to finished illustrations and comic pages. Voting privilege for art polls. Get some wallpapers and as a patron you can share with me your ideas, suggestions and questions.
● WIPs and Sketches: Get access to exclusive pics of the drawings I'm working on and the sketches I do.
● Step-by-step images: See the step by step illustration process in jpg images.
● Gumroad discount: Discount for all my products on Gumroad. *To get your discount, contact me via Patreon message or email and tell me what pack do you want!
● High-res PNG files: Receive the finished illustrations in its original size.
● Commission: I'll draw a digital mini-portrait of a character of your choice, one per month. ( Examples )

Click the "Become a patron" button, then choose the tier you want (rewards for 1$, 5$... etc) and fill your payment info. Confirm and now you're a patron! you'll get access to exclusive posts instantly.

But now you have to be patient and wait. Some of the rewards will be send via email early next month, for example: If you become a patron on January, you will get the rewards on early February.

For any question or if you have any problem, please, contact me via patreon message or email: [email protected]

93% complete

Thanks to this amount I would be able to cover some personal expenses and I'll add " linearts" to the rewards so you can use them for color practices.

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