is creating D&D Monster Hunter World Module, Homebrewed Monsters and 1 shots

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  •  Once per month I will create a 1-Shot Monster Hunt minimum.

  • Access to ALL my previous  1-Shot Monster Hunt pdfs.


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  Hunter Rank 2

  •  Once per month I will create a Subspecies Monster from the monster hunter monster manual at a minimum. These may range from a Pink Rathian or  Green Nargacuga.

  • A token and loot table for each creature will come with it in pdf format.

  • Access to all of the previous rewards from the lower tier. 
Includes Discord benefits

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Hunter Rank 3

  • Input and Access to all Beta testing work. You will have access to all the work I am doing on. This will range from; a cooking system for hunters, new downtime actions, loot tables, and other projects.


  • Hunter Rank 3 or higher will decide the Variant Monster stat block and the creature involved in the 1-Shot Monster Hunt that will be created this month. This can either be done through suggestions or by simple polls, depending on what the Hunters prefer

  • Access to all of the previous rewards from the lower tier. 
Includes Discord benefits




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About Amellwind

Hi There! My name is Amellwind and welcome to my guide to Monster Hunter World in the Realm of Dungeons and Dragons.

I began this adventure when I stumbled upon some creatures from the monster hunter series that were poorly made and I thought I could do better. It originally started with remaking 10-15 of the monsters in the series. It turned into a Complete 360+ page Monster Hunter Monster Manual with Loot Tables. (PDFs are available at the bottom of the bio if you are having formatting issues on the GM Binder site)

Within the manual you will find every monster from the original Monster Hunter game on the playstation to Monster Hunter World. In total you will find 150+ monsters for your use in your normal D&D campaign or in a Monster Hunter game of you own usingAmellwind's Guide to Monster Hunting.

With everything above you have all you need to begin your own Monster Hunter game, but as a Patron you will gain access to additional versions of the monsters, their loot tables, tokens, and 1 Page Monster Hunts.

Perhaps you are not a DM? not a problem, join as a patron you will have access to the Monster Hunter discord where we will be running a west marches style Monster Hunter World game twice a month (Looking to increase to more days as we grow.) You will also be able to vote on what variant creature we create next or which 1 page Monster Hunt you would like to see next.

Finally you will be able to give feedback and suggest things you would love to see.

What are some additional things I can expect to see?
I have many plans to improve the monster hunter experience. Here are some of the things to look forward to in the future:
  • Felyne cooking system. A hunter has to eat before going out on a hunt.
  • Downtime Actions: Solo hunts, Group hunts, out of session ways to gather materials.
  • Combination system for crafting items from the monster hunter game.
  • Tokens for Roll20 and other online D&D programs.

How can you help? If you would like to be a part of this monster hunter community, and help me in my quest to make the best D&D monster hunter experience, and get your hands on a bunch of Patreon-exclusive discord, 1 shot hunts, variant monsters, loot tables, access to a west marches style monster hunter campaign, or perhaps you need a monster created for your own game that isn't specific to monster hunter please consider making a pledge!

There are other incentives too (besides my undying gratitude) that you can peruse in the Rewards column. →

Thank you for your consideration, I hope you will join us!

PDF Versions of all documents below if you are experiencing formatting issues on GMBinder
Monster Hunter Monster Manual
Amellwind's Guide to Monster Hunting
300 - reached! patrons
When we reach 300 patrons I will create a DM mini game much like faction turns for Stars without Numbers, but for Monster Hunter
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