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HR 1

reward item
reward item
$3 / month
  • Once per month I will create a 1-Shot Monster Hunt minimum.

  • Once per month I will create a Subspecies Monster from the monster hunter monster manual at a minimum. These may range from a Pink Rathian or  Green Nargacuga.

    • A token and loot table for each creature will come with it in pdf format.

  • Access to all previous 1-Shot Monster Hunts & Subspecies Monsters.

Includes Discord benefits

HR 2

reward item
reward item
$5 / month
  • Input and Access to all Beta testing work. You will have access to all the work I am doing on. This will range from; a cooking system for hunters, new downtime actions, loot tables, and other projects.


  • HR 2 or higher will decide the Variant Monster stat block and the creature involved in the 1-Shot Monster Hunt that will be created this month. This can either be done through suggestions or by simple polls, depending on what the Hunters prefer

  • Access to all of the previous rewards from the lower tier. 

Includes Discord benefits

HR 3

reward item
reward item
$10 / month

You gain access to all previous tiers content plus $5 goes towards a custom content request as described below:

  • I will create custom 5e content for you once you hit a certain $ minimum as an HR 3 or above. This request is to your specific demands, with some artistic freedom. This will also be released to the public on the patreon

  • You can request up to 1 creation a month.

A full list of prices is available on the discord, but it includes:

  • Monsters: $20 (monsters that take a page or more are $30)

  • Magic Item$20 (or $30 if its an artifact / extremely complicated) 

  • Spellcasters (CR 10 or higher), Paragon Monsters: $30

  • Monster Hunt: $30

  • Races, subraces, subclasses, etc pricing can all be found on the patreon discord

Includes Discord benefits




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When we reach 300 patrons I will create a DM mini game much like faction turns for Stars without Numbers, but for Monster Hunter
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