America's Wild Places

is creating A Five Year Photographic Journey Through our 61 National Parks
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About America's Wild Places

Welcome to our America's Wild Places community!

We are Chris and Nathalie, and on October 26, 2019 we are embarking on a five year photographic journey through our national parks.

The mission of our grassroots non-profit is to share the healing powers of nature, inspire adventure and promote conservation through visual storytelling. We will explore the backcountry of each of these parks using human powered travel. Through backpacking, bikepacking, canoeing, packrafting, kayaking and diving we will highlight the hidden gems and natural wonders of the wilderness, waterways and wildlife that few visitors get to experience.

On this platform you can join us to receive exclusive content that will not be seen anywhere else during our project! After visiting each National Park we will upload carefully chosen images just for our Patreon community, and share the behind the scenes stories of our journey to that park. 

We are operating as a non profit and as such all of your support on this platform will enable us to use 100% of public donations toward making change!

This is a wonderful and interactive way for you to support the project and personally help us to continue this journey. All support is accepted and appreciated in any form! Even by just you being here means a lot to us and we are very grateful.