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Hi. My name is Amethyst and I live, breathe and dream video games. 

I was six when I first got into them, but even back then I enjoyed designing Fakemon and drawing custom Zelda maps as much as I loved playing. When I was eight, I drew various puzzle mazes on notepads for my friends to solve during class, and began taking private development lessons after school. When I was ten I began working on my own projects, and when I was eleven I found RPG Maker and ceased to willingly leave my room ever.

Fourteen years later and I am incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful following supporting me and my projects. Though there is still much to do even on my current active ones, I would like nothing more than to keep making games for you all well and far into the future.

But I cannot do that alone.

The hard hand of reality is ever knocking at my door, and unfortunately living (especially in my city) is not cheap, and games take a long time to make. I was working a night job to do it before, but my company closed down, and so in order to keep my development strong, I was forced to look elsewhere.

Enter Patreon.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows users to pledge a monthly donation to creators such as myself, and thus allows us to live month to month. You can choose or change how much you give at any time, and in return you get the backstage pass, to have your name in the stars, and many other perks. Check the list to the right for the full details of reward tiers I'm offering.

Thanks to everyone's support, I'm at a place where I can reliably keep working on development full time. But it's still a long road ahead, and the cost of living is ever unsteady, threatening to bear down and rip it away. I will fight tooth and nail to keep making games for you, but I need your help. 

So, what kind of projects have I got going on right now? I'm glad you let me ask for you-- I've got two at the moment:

Regardless of whether two people choose to support me here, or two hundred do, I will be making these. Frankly, it is impossible for me not to. But your support-- even if it is just one dollar a month-- can make a huge difference in how these are made. 

Please stand by me, and help me create a True Ending future.
Thank you, with all my glitched and flickering heart.

$1,187 of $1,200 per month
On approaching and reaching this goal, I'll be able to securely invest money back into my projects. This includes commissioning audio-visual assets to speed up development, more regular forum software updates, QoL improvements on streams, and whatever else we might need.
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