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About Ann Marie Gamble

I write poems and short stories to explore moments. Sometimes we've got too much on our plates or things go by too quickly, and it's much later when we realize, "Hey, he was trying to tell me he loves me," or wonder "What if I had gone ahead and said it?" Fiction and poetry are good places for thought experiments.

The dilemma of writing is that ideas come from engaging the world but production comes from stepping away from it. Writing time is lost to not just the day job but finding a venue to get that writing to readers: would this piece fit that magazine, and how long before they tell me? With Patreon, my writing dates become more than what-ifs.

Your patronage will get you a poem or story or handful of haiku each month, a few minutes into another world or a magnifying glass at this one. I'll post about one patron-supported piece per month, and you can put a monthly max on your your account so you don't have to worry about going over your budget.
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Get out of the house--take that notebook on the road, buy a few cups of coffee, and make eyes at something other than the laundry, the bookkeeping, that window that needs reglazing.
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