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You see what I do, and truly understand the work that goes into it. You say, "I spend this much on my coffee every day! I should probably support some cool art as well." And I truly appreciate it. You get access to the the stream, as well as HIGH QUALITY AUDIO DOWNLOADS FROM BOTH VIDEOS AND STREAMS. Fill up your iPod (or whatever the kids are using these days...)

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Music means something to you. It resonates with you and evokes emotions that are important to our experience. You believe in the things I am making. For this level of support, you get access to all previous stuff, as well as THE DISCOGRAPHY. You will be given access to all of my previous albums, as well as early access to future albums!

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About Amie Waters

My name is Amie. You might know me from my music videos on YouTube. You might have known me as Ace, or even found an older video of mine back when I went by Ace. Well, still me. Just feeling more femme these days. I am a synth focused musician who creates unique arrangements of video game and geek culture music. I came out as trans in 2019, and embraced a new name with that. My transition has been one of joy and euphoria, so I made the choice to keep my 32 years as Ace available to the world. This is why there are 6 years of Ace Waters videos out there, that aren't going anywhere.

Making unique arrangements each ends up taking a lot of time and effort, which is why I wanted to launch this patreon page. I love what I do, but I really need to be able to pay for food if I am going to keep going at the rate I want to. 

I was first inspired to create my videos from a little group named "Pomplamoose". You might know them. So, when Jack announced this cool new idea called Patreon, I was instantly invested in the idea. The idea of having fans who believe or resonate in the art a creator makes directly support that artist, in a method similar to crowd funding just made so much sense to me. At the time, I only had a few subscribers and I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to make anything out of my channel. 

I want to make this clear, even though I do have some rewards available, I do not think of this site as another store front. There are plenty of places where you can go and buy my music. This site is about support. It's about saying, "Hey, I see the hard work you put into your art, and I want you to be able to keep doing it."

There are a few rewards however, because the fact that someone would choose to support the art I create makes me so dang happy, that I just want to give something back.

Thanks so much for checking out the page. The main goal for me right now is to be able to create without worry. A year ago I was forced to quit my job and decided to pour my time into making music full time. This made for a very rocky year financially, and I hope with the support of fans, I will get to a point where I can take care of myself and my family while doing the thing I love, which will give me more time to get deeper into mixes, more funds to pour back into the channel, and less anxiety, which makes the whole process easier.

Thank you so much, and I will see you in the Patreon feed!
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We've made the switch to Monthly, so lets get that support past what I was making each month on the "per video" model! Lets smash that goal, because the next one comes with a dope PODCAST!
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