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(Centrosaurus image: Fred Wierum CC-SA-01.)

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(Triceratops image: Dmitry Bogdanov, GNU, Free Documentation License, V. 1.2)

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At the Pentaceratops level, you will get to see your name in lights , , , well, on the videos anyway. You'll get a special thanks credit at the end of all videos produced after you've joined for as long as you support the project. 

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  •  Early access to videos 
  • A personal prehistoric postcard
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  • A "Special Thanks" credit at the end of each video produced 
  • Annual updates/renewal of these benefits as long as you are a supporter

PLEASE NOTE:  If a video has already been put in production, you may not see your name until the next one comes out.  We will use your Patreon name unless otherwise notified. 

(Pentaceratops image: Nobu Tamura, CC-BY-SA)




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A Million Bones of Stone is a video series exploring paleontology--from discoveries, theories and news to in depth profiles and short historical documentaries. We are committed to creating high quality ad-free video products for YouTube in the spirit of open education . . . and your patronage helps us do so.  By supporting us, you not only support our YouTube Channel and bring pro-science education to the world, but you also enable college internships that give young people valuable professional experience. 

Here is a more detailed look at what we are creating:

  • Our basic offering each month is a news review of the previous month. It will keep you up to date on the most recent and exciting discoveries.
  • We also plan video specials, short videos with a special focus
  • As we grow, we will also offer "Inside Paleontology," short films that explore the best of what the science has to offer.
  • Finally, we will produce short, in depth documentaries on the history of paleontology, revealing stories and details rarely recounted. For an example, you can check out our first one, Leaping Lizards.
A Million Bones of Stone (AMBOS) comes from Horse Archer Productions in Radford, Virginia, a company that's produced everything from award winning feature documentaries to 30 second car commercials, from nationally broadcast music shows to retro-revival horror host shows recorded before a live audience. We can be found at www.horsearcherpro.com.
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When we get to $100 a month, we’ll produce and release our second special, this time, on the Twistum dinosaur toy, "Old Timer." It was the first known dinosaur toy and movie tie in product. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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