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Welcome. THANK YOU. By joining this tier, you'll be able to unlock the final chapter of the first novel, Healing Star; get access to my subscriber-only novella; pictures; as well as progress reports on the  A Million Words Away project, and my health. Plus, the podcast .


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Not too shabby. THANK YOU! By joining this tier, you'll be able to unlock the final chapter of the first novel, Healing Star; get access to my subscriber-only novella; a short story a month; pictures; as well as progress reports on the  A Million Words Away project, and my health. Plus, the podcast.


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You're on the books.  THANK YOU. By joining this tier, you can unlock the final chapter of the first novel, Healing Star; get access to my subscriber-only novella; a short story a month; pictures; as well as progress reports on the A Million Words Away project, and my health. Plus, the podcast.  In addition, you'll get exclusive access to the serialized versions of all 12 books -- that's all million words -- and a collectible box to fill with all 12 physical book copies (available with next tiers up). 




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Howdy, I’m Blake, a 50-year old writer who got diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma –nicknamed Ollie –a brain tumor sitting on the language processing center of my left frontal lobe—oops! Before I lose my language ability, I need to get 12 books of fiction – one a month – to you, my beloved reader. I’ll write the books in numerous genres & formats, with various world-class collaborators, using multiple different writing gurus to advise me. I must complete these books or my life will not have been worth living; I will not have lived up to the blessing of my brain, the gift of my consciousness. I’ve spent my whole life writing for, editing, advising, & serving others: my students as a professor; my author-clients as a ghost; other writers as a National Writers Union contract adviser; & my fellow citizens as a volunteer firefighter. Now it’s finally our time to share my fiction—a million words of it. Are you in? See samples of my writing here, including the first book, Healing Star.


I’m an award-winning veteran writer, editor, & ghostwriter who’s published more than 100 books, articles, stories, & essays for major publishers & national publications. I founded The Ghost of the Future, LLC, a full-service writing, editing, & platform-building corporation after years in journalism education. Among other projects, I ghosted & co-authored New York Times & Amazon bestsellers. I’ve worked with distinguished personalities including major politicians, journalists, film & TV celebrities, tech gurus, CEOs, soldiers, celebrity doctors, musicians, sports figures, & cultural icons. Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, I’ve seen my work anthologized & produced for NPR, & I’ve appeared on hundreds of radio &TV shows in support of my author-clients & my own work. I worked as a Literature & Journalism professor in the SUNY system for 17 years. When I’m not locked in a lead-lined room for radiation treatments, I travel extensively in the US & abroad, lecturing on ghostwriting, publishing, ethics, & health, as well as judging national&international writing competitions. I also write for TV, with several new series in pre-production or production.


Hola, I’m Ollie, an oligodendroglioma infiltrating Blake’s language processing center. My primary job – and it’s not really a job when you love doing it so much – is to prevent him from remembering words. But I also enjoy upending his moods, mutating his personality, challenging his relationships, & otherwise threatening his general health. In this & former incarnations, I’ve already sent several of his organs to the Dumpster, & caused him 17 surgeries. Now that I’m in the brain, Baby – “like oatmeal in a rug,” the white-coats say – we’re at the beginning of the end of Blake’s beloved lexicon, heh-heh. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me – maybe a year, maybe less, maybe more – but I will win. Meantime, Blake’s got this crazy scheme to race me to the bookshelves with 12 volumes by the end of 2020. That’s 84,000 words a month, 2,740 words a day, Folks—A Million Words Away! Lemme‘ at ’em!


I loathe asking for money. Despise it. I’d sooner have a brain tumor. But I’m betting the farm on A Million Words Away, spending all my savings, all my earnings—literally down to my last penny. The project will cost about $180,000 (I know. Insane.). I’ve got to put it all on the line, as this might be my best chance to leave a legacy; to tell amazing stories for treasured readers; to help fellow writers, artists, & others get off their own arses & write already; to motivate & inspire all & sundry cancer ninjas to fight on. Most of all, to cause in others the ineffable feeling I’ve gotten from reading my favorite writers. So I need you. I really, really need you to jump on board with your support. I promise – I guarantee – my million words will not disappoint. There are lots of options. At the middle tier, for example, you’ll get one book of my fiction a month in final form & e-book form; an additional short story a month; a flash piece; a bonus hard-or soft cover book I either ghosted or edited; a supplemental novel (sister books, sequels, prequels, etc.); author photos; progress reports; a podcast; a blog; & cool ephemera. I’m making this project all about you—all about us.


I’m not planning to make money (although that would be ideal)—only to offset considerable expenses. Your support helps defray daunting costs such as Editing/Printing/Production for Books; Marketing & PR; Website / Podcast / Blog / Vlog / SM; Production/Studio for Audio/ Interactive Books; Cover Art / Design for Books/Programs, etc.; Shipping / Warehousing; Advertising; Office Rent; Office Supplies; Management / Admin / Clerical Assistance; ISBNs; Legal (Rights / Copyrights / Libel / Liability); Theater Rental / Cast & Crew for Short Drama; Short Films Production; Best Seller Campaign(s) & Other Promotions; Festival / Competition / Residency App. Fees/ Cover & Collectible Box Design & Production, etc.


What’s this really about, Blake?
This is really about my responding to the fear of death with creativity. To the fear of losing connection with communion. To the fear of lack of relevance with legacy.

Is Ollie really going to kill you, Blake?
Yes. Eventually. Either Ollie or the toxic treatments (cut, burn, poison) will kill me. And before then, I will likely lose my ability to process language, to write and speak. Quite the conundrum for a writer.

Can you really write 12 books in a year, Blake?
Let’s see. I think I can. I know I can. I must. I’m an idea-hamster. I have lots of outlines, drafts, notebooks, and recordings from which to draw. And I work well on “dead”-lines!

What do you mean you “guarantee” the million words “won’t disappoint,” Blake?
I mean if for any reason you think I suck, just cancel your subscription.

Umm, forgive us, Blake, but ... What happens if you don’t make it through the year?
Fuck you. No—just kidding. That’s a good question. It’s unlikely that will happen. Doctors have assured me that for now, Ollie’s “indolent.” It’s a kind of temporary remission that’s affording me this opportunity.

What else can I do to help you, Blake?
Spread the word. Share with your network. Buy subscriptions for friends and family, and give them as gifts. Listen to the podcast, comment on the SM posts, and otherwise keep the conversation going. Suggest creative collaborations. Introduce me to your cousin who runs a major publishing house. Offer me a room in your office or your rental property for me to sequester myself without going insane in my tiny apartment.

How do we know your writing doesn't totally SUCK, Blake?
It doesn't suck. I'm already well-published. And check out samples of the new stuff you'll get here.
$492.21 of $1,000 per month
When I reach $1000 a month, I'll hire a pro podcast producer. 
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