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I have been doodling and drawing my entire life. As I got older I expanded my skills and tried new things; changing not just my own style, but my understanding of what it means to create. Unfortunately, what has not changed is the attitude of the people around me. They love my skills and what I create, some even amazed that I was even capable of such things. Despite this, most do not believe that anything will ever come of my art, since there is "no future in it." They say that my talent will go to waste, and I will never be able to make a living from it. 

I refuse to fall into this box that has been pre-outlined for me. I am aware of my skills, capabilities, and desire to grow and enhance them. What I am even more aware of, is that there are so few people who can do what I do. Even less possess the ability and courage to create original ideas. Even though the internet, the media, and every other avenue wants us to believe that what we do is common, I know different. I, like many on Patreon, have a rare gift, a blessing. Even when there are language barriers between us, images and art are still universal. From the history of mankind, one of the few things that still exists is our art. I want to be apart of that.

I refuse to be an individual who gives up, says "I used to do that" or "I should have done that." It is my goal to allow the rest of the world to see what I see, how I see it, and how it affects me. I want to share my passions and visions. Please do not mistake my passion for arrogance or anger. It is, like my art, simply an extension of myself in order to establish understanding. 

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