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Hello World and Friends of independent music...  Don't let someone else define your success

We are Jan and Josef, 28-year-old twin brothers who have decided to follow our
hearts and inner calling to create music and share it with everyone. Born in Germany
to Czech parents, we grew up in a little town in South Tirol on the Austrian border. At
a very young age, we discovered music and it has changed our lives since. 8 years
ago, we both decided to move to Australia to commit to our dream and turn it into
reality. Busking full-time in Melbourne was our main source of income, as well as
being lucky enough to play and tour all over Australia and Europe.

Busking in Melbourne  2015 

Here a video of us busking 2016.

Our biggest passion is being able to wake up every day listening to our inner voice,
and having people listen to what we have to say, through creating something
authentic and unique. With the messages in our music, we want to give back to the
world and show people that there is more to life than money, status, possession,
comfort and security.

Having fun creating and living:)

Sharing music with good friends is very special.

We truly belief everyone has a gift to share with this world. We want to help people realise that and encourage them to follow their own path. The best way to share our message and to making a difference is to travel the world and play live to as many people as possible. 

Howler Melbourne November 2018

Having just moved to Berlin to share our music across Europe, we are looking for the
next step on this journey and to grow as musicians and people. Due to being totally
new to Berlin, and the busking restrictions, we won't be having a regular income for
the next little while. With your support, we can continue to follow our dream to create
and share music without the constant financial struggle.
Becoming a patron takes just a minute, and in return for your pocket change
(donation), you’ll be the first to get the music we are working on and many other
awesome rewards listed on our Patreon page (see rewards). As little as $1 already
goes a long way and makes creating and living off music possible for us.

" It's all about who you become in the process and what you give back to life" 


Let's make a difference together!

Here is a video of one of our favourite live sessions:

Love & Light always

Josef and Jan  :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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