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And! every 6 to 8 weeks, your mailbox will come bearing awesomeness:
  • Amol Mer's themed supply and tools kits, for all kinds of different kinds of mends and wearable projects, delivered every month to your door -- stitch, mend, and bead along with clear, detailed instructions
Wanna learn sashiko stitching, how to recognize quality clothing items by feel alone, how to turn a tie into a hat/a hat into a bag? This tier is for you.

If you love to DIY, get a stream of supplies, inspiration, and ideas.

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As a subscriber patron, you'll fill out a thoughtful survey and do a chat with me. We'll talk about your likes, dislikes, wants, and needs, how and where you wear.
Then, each month, you'll get a perfectly-you surprise of rescued, re-done items.

  • This is open to all sizes, all styles, all gender presentations. Picky? Got allergies or sensitivities? Tell us in the survey. 
  • All items are shipped clean! And we use only unscented, non-toxic cleansers and detergents.
  • Boxes contain all wearables in excellent condition: think tops, knits, bottoms, dresses, skirts, accessories (jewelry, hats, bags, socks, scarves, etc). They can be vintage, used, new with tags, artisan-made, from overstock...from any source outside first run retail. 
  • There are no returns or exchanges. However, if you donate the item to a charity or non-profit, or you upcycle the materials, I will give you credit towards your next box. And, you will be asked regularly for feedback on what you liked and what you didn't, and future deliveries will get better and better!
It's the responsible, singular subscription box with a soul.

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  • themed supply and tool kits, delivered every 6 to 8 weeks
See the other tier descriptions for details.

If that all wasn't enough, pret a patrons also get:
  • exchanges accepted on all subscription box items, with pre-paid labels provided
  • a gift code for one free 2 - 3 item box that you can give (or keep)
  • special surprises throughout the year, physical and digital
Spoil yourself without spoiling the planet.



About amol mer, By Ren Moon Resale

amol mer is your personal raygun against fashion doomsday.

We are having a fashion catastrophe.
It's not from a lack of choice.
We can acquire clothes faster and cheaper now than at any point in history.
And we do.
The average American closet contains 81 pounds (what's that? a 6th grader?) of clothing.
British? Well, the average you owns 152 pieces of clothing, with 84 of those unworn or worn once.
We all have sh!t-tons of stuff, but somehow, feel like we have nothing.
So, we buy more.
We bring home stuff we aren't sure about; that's constructed poorly, of disposable materials; that we picked up on a whim; or that we think we need because we have so much we don't even know anymore what we even have.
There's a good reason Marie Kondo's net worth is about $8 million -- we're caught in a cycle of owning too much, but not enough, and we want out. But how many of us did the Kon-Mari (or the capsule wardrobe, or...) and wound up, again, with an overstuffed closet a few months later?
Or, like me, did you research the crap out of sustainable, responsible brands only to find their offerings out of your price range, not in your size, limited in style choice, and completely freaking boring?
Fashion's supposed to be fun. It's a way to be creative, to feel good about an in your body, to play with expectations, to express yourself. As a chonky weirdo, I turned to second-hand stores to hunt for awesome stuff.
And, turns out, I'm good at it.
I am really good at thrifting and salvage.
I'm a maker (knitter, sewer), with some background in retail, and my mother valued quality fabrics and cuts, and taught me a lot. I also have developed skills in repair and restoration of clothes and jewelry, and explore visible mending, boro (Japanese patchwork), and remaking using vintage and new components.
In 2019, I started Ren Moon Resale, selling primarily on Etsy and Poshmark. My items are all diverted from waste sources, and I find them in thrift stores, rummage sales, overstock, unsold vintage deadstock, family and friend castaways -- any last stop for clothing before it becomes part of the 12 tons of textile garbage (seriously! In the US alone! In just 2017, for example*). I take pride in rescuing the interesting, unusual, and well-made, and finding it a new home and a new life.
But I do more than just "flip" items.
Buying pre-loved items not only makes good sense for the environment, for social justice, and for the budget, it brings back that creativity, fun, and self-expression into dressing. It doesn't matter what's in style that season.
Instead, it asks, What's your style?
Whatever your style (or body shape, body type, budget, gender expression, etc), my subscription service, amol mer, can, literally, deliver.
"amol mer"? What's that mean?
Amol mer is Yiddish for "once more."
Thrifting is more than just my beloved hobby. It has roots are deep in my cultural background, both my Jewish and Romany sides. There’s virtue in finding value in the otherwise discarded and in using resources wisely, similar to the Japanese concept of mottainai.
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When I reach 10 patrons at any level, I'll add interviews and articles by guest experts and artisans to the monthly newsletter.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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