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About Amber Morant

My name is Amber Morant. I am a fantasy author and I absolutely love dragons. No really, like my readers I call my dragons, my brand is all about dragons, I write about dragons, and my video game usernam revolves around dragons of some sort. Primarily I love to write fantasy with a twist. So for those familiar with steampunk, I write within a sub genre of that called dungeonpunk. You can read more about that in my Current WIP area. 

Right now I have a few books out with the main one being Kalla. It was definitely a long time project funded by kickstarter, and am thankful all the time for it. Since then, I have continued to write and publish more and am still working on pursing a full time career as an author.

Outside of writing, I also love to doodle and play video games. My doodlers aren't the greatest, but they are fun to work on when I can. As far as video games, it's usually single player RPGs with the occasional MMO. So if you ever want to talk Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls, I'm always here to talk. Also yes, I do like Elder Scrolls Online I know blasphemy. 

I believe in the idea of multiple streams of income for authors. So I don't look at this as just a "tip jar" as many put it but also a way to provide everyone with more writing and awesome stuff. I'm not just having you give me money and I ignore you. No, I'm writing and publishing and providing you guys with awesome short stories and early release chapters.
Obviously with books, it's very low on income because I publish maybe 1 or 2 books a year. Unless I magically become JK Rowling, that's a hard press on making a full time income from that. So I'd like to instead provide short stories for people to enjoy on the side while I'm working on the next novel. I will also be turning many of these short stories into a chapbook for you to enjoy on the side as well. Outside of providing you with short stories, I'd also like to give you early release versions of chapters as I work to complete my current works in progress. These are all based on how high you support me too, so just keep that in mind and look at the tiers on the right.
Some of my goals are obviously about going full time and affording certain things, but majority of them involve making better quality for everyone or getting out and meet people. Even $1 helps in getting to this goal so I always appreciate everyone who works to support me.

The Devata Saga is my current work in progress series. It is a series that involves different characters, different time periods, and different plots. So you would be able to jump into the world at any point without any information from other books.

Because it is taking place during different time periods, some of it will be epic or high fantasy while other parts will be more dungeonpunk. It will definitely be a lot of fun, and I hope as I write more short stories for everyone, I will be able to release all of these to the general public as an anthology collection as well for everyone.

The first book in the series is Shadow of the Crown which will be part of a trilogy hopefully released by the end of 2018. It is part of the dungeonpunk genre so magic has become so advanced that it now resembles science today. So expect some gun fights with magic missiles and sword fights all together as one.

You can find me on Facebook, TwitterTwitch, and my Website.
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Coloring Book
Each month there will be a new piece of line art based on a scene from either Kalla, one of the short stories, or the Devata Saga (including scenes not seen yet in written form and deleted scenes).
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