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Hello!  My name is Manda.

Like most freelance artists, I'm struggling to juggle my work life with my personal projects. Through Patreon, I hope to become financially stable enough to pursue those dreams and have more time to work on my comic Night Class! 

Night Class
(Werewolves | Action | Drama | LGBT+)
Night Class is aimed towards a Mature audience. This is a Supernatural Horror containing genre compliant themes such as Violence and Gore, etc.
No other triggers will be listed due to spoilers.
Read at your own risk.

Night Class revolves around recklessly fascinated Quinn, and his introduction to the supernatural world after befriending a warmhearted werewolf named Shiloh.

You can see more Night Class content here:

This comic is still in development. I haven't had time dedicate enough time to working on pages, so with your help, I will be able to take on less freelance/commission work. My end goal is to have Night Class be my day job. I would love to be able to put all of my heart into this project. 

What you'll be rewarded with (for now) are Night Class related drawings + msc art I put out during the month! Tier rewards will be starting off at a minimum until this grows a little bit!

Patrons will be charged per Post instead of Monthly, but I will post no more than twice a month! 

Thank you so much for helping me out!
Enjoy Night Class!
❤ Manda

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  • Access to patron-only content
  • Patron-Only Discount Codes for my online store
  • My undying love and appreciation (mwah)  
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  • All of the above +
  • 1 page early, when pages start. 
  • Access to private Night Class centric drawing streams where you can take part in AMA's! (I will do my best to answer without spoiling!) 
  • Access to Night Class AMA's recaps (written blog posts). 
  • My undying love and appreciation (mwah)  
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  • All of the above + 
  • Sneak peaks at thumbnails of pages when they do start. 
  • WIPS/ teasers of panels of early pages. 
  • My undying love and appreciation (mwah)  
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  • All of the above + 
  • My undying love and appreciation (mwah)  
  • (more rewards TBA)
$552 of $800 per month
I can take on even LESS work!
This will cover 1/2 my expenses when my roommate moves out!
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