Amy Laurens is creating fantasy + sci fi + random non-fiction


$1 /mo
It's never been easier to be a unicorn! For just $1 a month, you get a special welcome unicorn (digital) and a thank you on the supporters page of any books I write while you're here :) 


Storm Foxes

$2 /mo
Do you wish you could sweep through the skies on the wings of storms, causing chaos and destruction wherever you go? 

...No? Oh. Well. Okay then. 

How about everyt...


Space Witches

$5 /mo
Ever felt like deep down inside, there was something super special about you? Ever just WANTED to feel like this? Do you see BLUE everywhere you go? You might just be a space witch! 


Evil Overlords

$10 /mo
You are suave, you are in control, you rule the world with glitter and an iron fist: you are the supreme Evil Overlord! 

Congratulations. Your attainment of certified Evil Overlordin...


Sparkly Omniscient Beings of Doom

$100 /mo
So, you already know you're glorious and marvellous and amazing, BUT NOW THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL KNOW THIS TOO!!! 

At this level, you get to be a named character in a book or shor...


Glittering, Glorious, Blazingly Omnipotent Beings of Chaos and Creation

$250 /mo
Simple: You give me a prompt no longer than one sentence, I write you a story.  

It'll take up to 10 weeks to write it for you, depending on my schedule, and the story will be anywhe...