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        Disclaimer: I'm NOT a professional, but I'll be happy to give you my honest opinion.  

Exclusive Patreon Stories: I’ll publish one NEW short story per month (max 10k words). You can also send me personal requests. All stories will be exclusive to Patreon and The Dark Room. 

The Dark Room: you'll gain instant access to The Dark Room on my website. This is a private section that is password protected and houses all of my old Sexy One-Shots (currently 20 stories!) that were previously published on Wattpad and Radish. These stories now permanently reside in The Dark Room.

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About CameoLover93

Hi! I’m Amy, aka CameoLover93 :)

I'm an author who specializes in creating serialized fiction. I am also a chat fiction creator, I run a YouTube channel, a blog, and a podcast that's dedicated to helping aspiring writers.

I’ve been writing stories online since 2012 and I've always considered writing to be my passion in life. Writing is one of the few things in this world that helps keep me sane. It’s my dream to be able to turn this into an actual career that I can make a living off of.

I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without the patience and the support of my lovely readers. By becoming a Patreon supporter, aka a patron, and continuing on this journey with me, one day at a time, you'll allow me to eventually hit my goal and become a full-time independent content creator.

In short, that means more time for me to write = more stories for you to read = everyone's happy!

I know money doesn't grow on trees, so I tried to take every little thing into account while making the rewards and prices for the different Tier levels... but I actually only have one! It's $3 -- that's less than a cup of coffee!  

If you're able and willing, please consider becoming a supporter today! 

You'll get an instant invite to join my patron's only discord server and you'll have instant access to various rewards and exclusive content (short stories) that'll be given out each month and will remain solely on Patreon. 

Thanks for visiting my page! I hope to hear from you soon ~ ❤

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When I reach at least 250 patrons, I’ll be able to dedicate SO much more of my time to writing, and I'll be able to purchase better equipment (new mic, new laptop, professional editing software, etc) that will help me produce better content more quickly and efficiently for you guys.
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