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Here I am reading my own work & discussing why I wrote it.

Your Poetry with Music & Video
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  • Send me your work, no more than 20 lines.
  • I'll narrate your work.
  • Add Music to it.
  • Create a Video (similar to mine)
  • I'll upload it to my Youtube channel & my social media.
  • I'll tag you. 
  • You get credit for your written work of course.
  • Post it on your blog or vblog




Hi, I'm Ana. I love to express through all types of writing. This channel, however, will focus on my free verse writing. I use garage band to record what I wrote by reading it, and I add music to the background. Videos coming soon!

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from UC Irvine & a Master of Arts degree from Azuza Pacific University. I have been a tutor for over 10 years.

My overall goal is to publish my book, an urban fantasy. It's about a woman who struggles with obesity and the mental issues that comes with not feeling pretty. My story takes place both in my character's present world, our earth, and some alternative universe where she keeps encountering her demons or monsters.

I have less than 40,000 words to go, and I will enter the self-editing process. However, I'd like to pay for a professional editor to get ready to publish. Hence, the reason for this Patreon account. Please, be part of my dream. Thank you. 
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So my goal is to start a podcast about other writers.
  1. I will interview 2 Patreons every month.
  2. It will be an interview of no more than 30 minutes. (Facetime)
  3. I will give you a shoutout on my social media and blog.
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