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The Anal Only Lifestyle is a community for people who prefer anal sex and who choose to completely replace vaginal with anal to share and interact with each other, as well as a platform for promoting adoption of the anal only lifestyle through discussion and education with a forum, a realtime chat platform, and an educational and inspirational blog, as well as semi-annual events and challenges encouraging people to try anal only for themselves for a month and see what it's like without a long-term commitment.

These are all provided free of charge, without advertisements or spam, and have helped countless people discover that they are not alone in their sexual preferences and fantasies, as well as exposing the concepts of the anal only lifestyle to many more who have found they enjoy them, and opened a growing number of people up to the idea of anal sex and pleasure. A reasonable amount of time is spent on a regular basis moderating the forum and chat, promoting conversation, creating new content for the blogs, and providing detailed answers and advice to questions about anal sex and the anal only lifestyle. If you find any of this useful or enjoyable, and would like to see continued promotion of the anal only lifestyle, consider providing your support.

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