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About Anastasia Vitsky

No one will read stories about people like you.

That's what I was told, back when I first wrote stories about sweet, kinky love between women.

I could write graphic, sex-filled erotica that would sell to a voyeuristic heterosexual audience. Or I could write vanilla lesfic, lesbian fiction catering strictly to a lesbian audience.

But what about real, live women who existed in their own right? What about later-in-life women who discovered their sexuality after society told them they should be married with children? What about young women, finding their place in a society dominated by men?

What about a young woman who thrives in her first year at college, only to lose her identity for the next ten years after being raped?

What about a young woman, just out of college, who struggles to choose between protecting her homophobic family and yielding to her live-in girlfriend's demand to come out?

Most of all, what about the women and girls who contemplate suicide rather than face a world in which they are condemned as sinful?

Is this the world we want to live in?

I say no.

Some people fight with legal action. The Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage was a huge step toward equality. So is the fight for trans women and men to use the bathrooms matching their identities.

Others fight with scholarly articles, fundraising, shelters for LGBT teens, and public speaking.

Me, I'm an author.

So I write.

I write of a world where a girl may love a girl, and the world stays intact.

Where a girl may love a girl and perhaps play with some kinky toys, and still their world remains standing.

Where a girl may love a girl, use kinky toys, and be welcomed by their chosen faith community.

Where LGBT, kinky, and faith can stand united.

Do you believe in this world of love? Join my Patreon, and help me create it.

To create a world of justice, we must first believe it can exist.

--Anastasia Vitsky, 2016

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If we reach the $50 pledge level in the first month (June 2016) of launching Patreon, I will write two stories (voted on by patrons), available to all patrons! In addition, I will write a third story of the winner's choice.

Partial exemption: If we reach 20 patrons (but not $50 total in pledges), I will write the two stories available to all patrons!

*For the FIRST month of launching Patreon, I will put up one additional story for each additional $25 pledged. No limit! If we exceed $100 in the first month, I will allow all patrons to collectively choose which book I will finish writing next...and put up a preview chapter of the book of your choice!

Please note: Quick Start goals are in $50 increments, but they are adjusted to reflect an additional $14 per month pledged privately by one patron.
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