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SFW images

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Starting deck. All my patron levels include the following:

  • HD or full size SFW images, including wallpapers.
  • 1 request sketch (per month).
  • Access to voting polls and community.
  • All my gratitude!

Ideal for those those who want to:

  • View only clean artworks (you can edit the tier to any amount too).
  • Just support in some way without caring much for rewards.
Includes Discord benefits

NSFW images

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This is my main tier:

  • Immediate access to all my featured works and image packs (from all time).
  • Exclusive bonus works (in a monthly compilation folder).
  • Early access and sneak peeks for next illustrations.
  • All the previous tier benefits.

Ideal for those those who want to:
  • See all my 18+ artworks without much other extras.

Includes Discord benefits

Behind the scenes

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per month
With this you'll also get:

  • Master files and other assets (layered PSD, SAI, etc).
  • Art journal posts with technical notes.
  • Drawing references (various topics).
  • Personal sketchbook drawings.
  • Process videos and gifs of some works.
  • Includes all previous tiers benefits.

Ideal for those those who want to:

  • Know more about my process, logical breakdown, composition.
  • Want to have some extras and curiosities.

Includes Discord benefits



About Ancesra

Hey there! I'm a furry artist creating adult themed art.
If you're a fan of cute and sexy characters like me, you'll enjoy a lot of my image sets and creations here.

I like to focus on quality over quantity, trying that every piece be something unique, not manufactured. I enjoy making art and do it for the love of it!

Sadly making them is a very time-consuming task and without support I wouldn't be able to do it at all. I live from this thanks to fans help, from one-time donations to people subscribing monthly.
I sincerely thank all my supporters for this <3

The patron role is very important since you'll be funding all my new artwork. You can be anonymous and just enjoy the content or if you want you will be able to participate on the process, give feedback and vote for new ideas. You'll also get special drawings and edits exclusive for my supporters.

/ ancesra


Quick FAQs if you want to learn all the details:

What my patrons get exactly? By supporting you're helping me create monthly:

  • 4 to 12 full paintings (you get early access and voting powers).
  • 1 big image set with 10–20 edits (you get 1 year early access and special non-public edits).
  • 20 to 30 rough drawings in a monthly art-pack (most are exclusives).
  • 4 Behind the Scenes posts (can be painting progression videos, art journal with notes on some works, technical studies or other content).

In resume, you will receive at least more than 70 images/edits per month on this Patreon (plus 3 years worth of past content). I work on this full time making at least 2 post/updates weekly.

How are the rewards mechanics handled?: I give three types of rewards to all patrons as a thank you token for your support: immediate, monthly and tokens. 1. Immediate: If you pledge you will gain immediate access to all posts and my finished images (from all time); 2. Monthly: A compilation folder will be shared privately via Patreon the last week of each month tentatively; 3. Token: For every $25 you had pledged I will give a "imaginary" ticket that you can change for optional special rewards, like past folders. You need to contact me to exchange these tickets.

What do I draw?: I like to draw a wide variation of furry characters and themes. You can visit any of my public galleries on links below to get a better idea if you don't have already.

More questions?
· Past rewards list or Current works list.
· Commissions Info or Requests TOS.
· Token/Tickets system.
· Other general info posts.

Friendly reminder! This is a mature page (18+ required)
All characters depicted in mature scenarios are legal age consenting adults, some performing role–playing activities.

100% complete
Basic needs. Paying the bills with only art is hard. But with this I'll have the minimum required to produce artworks for Patreon and commissions almost entirely.
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