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Starting deck. All patron levels include the following:

  • HD or full resolution images.
  • Wallpapers.
  • 1 request (per month).
  • Access to voting polls and the community tab.
  • My sincere gratitude!

Ideal for those those who want to:

  • View only clean artworks.
  • Just support in some way without caring much for rewards (tier amounts can be edit to any amount you wish).
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This is my main tier for those who just want to see all my 18+ artworks.

  • Immediate access to all my featured works and image packs (from all time).
  • Exclusive bonus works (in a monthly compilation folder).
  • Early access and sneak peeks for next paintings.
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Includes all previous benefits, plus with this you also get:

  • Master files and other assets (layered PSD, SAI, etc).
  • Art journal posts with technical notes.
  • Drawing references (various topics).
  • Personal sketchbook drawings.
  • Instead of sketch can request an edit to a previous drawing.

Ideal for those those who want to:

  • Know more about my process, logical breakdown, composition.
  • Want to have some extras and curiosities.

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Hello! I'm a digital artist with main focus on adult themed works.

My purpose in opening and keeping a Patreon page is very simple, without your support I wouldn't be able to do any of my furry artwork. I sincerely thank all my supporters for this <3

Currently I'm producing between 60 to 130 images and edits per month for my patrons (my post frequency is 2 to 4 posts weekly from Monday to Friday).

By supporting you're helping me to do the following (these can overlap):

  • 1 to 3 paintings per week.
  • 1 complex painting per month.
  • 1 medium to big image pack per month (10-20 edits).
  • 20 to 30 sketches per month.
  • 1 Behind the scenes post per week (can be videos, painting steps progression, art journal post with notes, studies or other content).

By supporting me, depending on tier you're getting

  • Access to all my featured works and edits (from all time).
  • Eligible to receive a compilation folder with exclusive bonus works on each month.
  • 1 sketch request per month (must adhere to my requests TOS).
  • Earlier access to my next paintings (for example 1 year early access in big sets).
  • Special posts and extras for Behind the scenes tier.
  • Access to my Discord server, Ancesra's Den.

What I like to draw: I like variation in characters and themes, so be aware of this if you only like one type my works. I usually make: Realistic anthro characters, Kemono–like characters, Non–anthro characters; Female and male; Safe and R-18; Original characters and fanart.

Rewards Mechanics: I offer two types of rewards to all patrons: immediate and monthly. Type 1. If you pledge you will have immediate access to all finished images in the post's timeline; Type 2. A link will also be shared privately via Patreon the first week of each month (tentatively), once all the pledges for that new month are processed. Note. This is a charge upfront Patreon, which means if you pledge during the middle of an ongoing month you can ask for that month's reward since you got charged to enter. If you are interested in that or past rewards please contact me via private message (View all months here).

/ ancesra

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Reminder! This is a mature page (18+ required)
All characters depicted in mature scenarios are legal age consenting adults, some performing roleplay activities.

100% complete
Basic needs. Paying the bills with only art is hard. But with this I'll have the minimum required to produce artworks for Patreon and commissions almost entirely.
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