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Legend has it that the universe was created by powerful beings known as Ancients. It's said that a dark evil had risen, but the Ancients sacrificed themselves to save what they had created. However, when the taint began to spread and horrific monsters began to emerge, everything everyone had ever known ceased to be. And now with a great darkness threatening to plunge the universe into ruinous chaos, any hope of restoring the peace has begun to fade ever farther away.

Book One - Summer 2019

Created by Samuel Page and Kimberlea Heili, Ancient Chronicles is a story we hope will leave a lasting impression. Over a decade in the making, this project has been through hell and back, always resurfacing with a more refined and beautiful face. And now with only a few months away from release, our story is polished and glimmering for viewers to enjoy.

What is Ancient Chronicles?
In short, it is an epic-fantasy webcomic series whose very early development began in 2007. It is a universe full of fantastic worlds and creatures, impressive technology, and an abundance of problems. The story itself is full of action, adventure, humor, suspense, and a sprinkling of romance. It has a little bit of everything. This is a story we've poured our hearts and lives into over the past decade. It's a project we're doing for ourselves and want to share with others whom we hope will enjoy it as much as we do. If you're someone who has a soft spot for world building, lovable characters, and a powerful story, you're in the right place.

Why Patreon?
Patreon is unique in that it allows followers to support their favorite creators and enjoy special content.  We're just a duo of daydreamers working on a story we love. We're not a professional team and have no plans on building one. As a hobby project, it's still hard work to produce content, and keeping the lights on requires funds. So if you like our story and want it to continue, you can support us here on Patreon and enjoy the bountiful goodies we have on offer. We're providing special access to developmental content such as original page sketches, scripts, deleted scenes, Ancient Chronicles "Extras", and plenty more.

What to Expect
We as creators want to be transparent about the rewards we're providing and where your precious dollars are going toward. As such, we've listed exactly what we plan to do with the funds we raise in the Goals section.

As of January 1st, 2019, we'll be accepting new patrons to support the final preparations of the official summer release of Book One. From then until the release, patrons will gain access to pre-launch content such as exclusive concept art, processes, and other developmental work. Once Book One releases, patrons will begin gaining access to the rewards listed in the tiers.

Upon launch, original page sketches will be posted weekly as we update pages on the official website. Scripts and deleted scenes will be posted following the completion of a chapter. Physical one-time rewards will be shipped to you as soon as your first payment is processed and once all items are printed and hand signed. Patron feed rewards like sneak peeks, wips, and processes will be posted on an "as created" basis and as such will be more sporadic. "Extras" will be sprinkled throughout each month and can be found here on patreon as well as in our Discord community. So be sure to claim your special discord role and make your way to the Extras room!

Thank you for your support!
45% complete
Baby steps! With the money earned each month, we can put it toward covering the basic needs of Ancient Chronicles like keeping the website up. Thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts