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Being a fangirl is less about gender and more about a state of mind. If you’re one of those people who canNOT shut up about Mongol siege tactics and what kind of beer the Pyramid-builders drank and whether the Ancient Greeks wore underwear,'ve got a little fangirl in you. You're one of us. Go ahead and embrace it. 

At this level, you get copious amounts of warm feelings and gratitude! You also get a shout-out in an episode, ad-free episodes released a day early (as soon as we get our backlog uploaded), and access to a library of over 17 exclusive minisodes.

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We'd tell you to lay off the human gall cocktails, but...war elephant’s gonna war elephant. Just as long as you're frenzying in the direction of the opposing army, and not us.

At this level, you get all the warm feeling, gratitude, and rewards from the previous level: ad-free early-access episodes, a shout-out in the podcast, access to our archive of minisodes prior to January 1, 2021, PLUS you get access to one extra minisode a month going forward from January 1, 2021. 

Damnatio Memoriae

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You're so into ancient history that you've completely alienated everyone around you. They've stricken your face from coinage. Torn down your statues. Forbidden all mention of your name at family gatherings.

But we still love you. So much, at this level, that we’ll shower you with rewards! You get everything provided at the two lower tiers--a shout-out in one of our main episodes, early-access ad-free episodes, and full access to all our $5-level minisodes. 

PLUS, you get access to a second extra episode a month (most months) exclusively for $10-and-up subscribers. At this level, you get an episode from us once a week most months! You also get access to exclusive Patreon-only posts and updates.



About Ancient History Fangirl

Do you like stories about murder, betrayal, romance, war elephants, poisoning, sieges, and plague? Stories that happened thousands of years ago, at the intersection of truth and mythology? Stories about men and women who schemed and battled their way into power—and into the grave?

Welcome to Ancient History Fangirl!

We’re Jenny Williamson and Genn McMenemy: best friends, novelists, and history-obsessed storytellers with a podcast about the ancient world. Join us as we take you from the cutthroat intrigue of Ancient Rome to the windswept plains of Scythia and (eventually) around the world—with tall tales and true stories that are exhaustively researched, ruthlessly un-sugar-coated, and absolutely hilarious. (At least, Jenny’s dad thinks so).

Why support us on Patreon?

Running our podcast is a full-time job. Between research, writing, marketing, recording, and editorial, we’re finding that this is the most time-consuming project we’ve ever taken on. And don’t get us wrong, we love every minute of it.

Each episode represents at least 30 hours—if not more—of research and writing. Our scripts undergo several rounds of editing, and we rehearse each episode before we record. After recording, we’re often left with over three hours of uncut sound—which we edit down to about an hour (give or take) of perfectly-paced storytelling.

We adore doing this work. We also have found this project to be incredibly rewarding in terms of the community we’ve become a part of, the interactions we’ve had about the nerdiest of history topics, and the fans who love this stuff as much as we do. You are our people and we love you.

But we already work full-time jobs, plus we have families, friends, and other projects--that we don't see enough of anymore. Producing the podcast this way takes almost all our free time.We want to keep bringing you these fascinating stories at the quality level they and you deserve. But at some point, unless we earn enough from the podcast to scale back on our other work, this project may become unsustainable. We’re not sure when or if that will be, but we both know we can’t keep working like this forever.

Your subscription helps us keep this podcast going.

Please Note: This Patreon is set up to charge new patrons as soon as you've signed up, so you get instant access to all of our exclusive episodes and content. You'll then be charged on the 1st of every month thereafter.

So for example, if you sign up on the 28th of the month, you'll be charged on that day--and then again on the 1st. Please plan accordingly, and thank you for your patronage!

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Once we hit $3,000 a month, both of us will both be able to scale back significantly on our other work--and make Fangirl a real career. That's always been the end goal for us--being able to focus most of our time and effort on the podcast, so we can bring you more and better content. 

Once we're not fitting work on the podcast in around our other work, we'll be able to really think about how to bring more to the show--possibly increasing the frequency of our episodes, or eliminating season breaks. Or maybe we'll just blow it all on elephant-sized cocktails. Because that's the dream.

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