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this is the tier for people who just wanna help out but do not have much to give or whatever the reason may be and your help is greatly appreciated and thanks to people like the helpers ancraft stay alive.

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the OGs you guys are the lords of the server the people who wanna give not just to keep ancraft up but to see it grow. helping us hit our goals and creating a better experience for everyone.

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okay now things get really exciting! you guys have the opportunity test the ideas from the committee so all the crazy commands and addons... you try them out 1st ! you guys are truly awesome so you deserve a truly awesome reward !  




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About ancraft

Ancraft is an anarchy realm on minecraft bedrock edition available to join from xbox one, switch, iPhone, Android and windows 10. The realm is free to join by 2 methods invite code or link here is both: OV4XnA5BLdI

the realm is anarchy so no rules steal, cheat, destroy or build a pretty house its completely up to you(Please note that only by crashing the server or breaking irl laws will get you banned). all we ask is you respect Microsoft's terms of use all reports should be directed to Microsoft and not Robbie/thepap000 (realm owner) he will just send you in the direction of where to report.

boring stuff out of the way here is some info on the community:
it may be anarchy but its not chaos! we have an amazing community who understand its just a game bro and normally choose to build fantastic structures and astounding lore. although we all enjoy a bit of raiding its normally not the hobby choice for most folk.

$18 of $20 per month
i an guarantee that both ancraft and and ANCRAFT ULTRA will stay up because this covers server cost. 
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