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I'm Anderjak, and I make comics. I'd really like to make my own comics full-time, though. That's why we're here, on Patreon -- to make the dream of full creative freedom become reality.

I'm currently running Tales from Planet XX -- a sci-fi erotica comic for Slipshine, whose SFW pages I post here and nowhere else. I'm also working on Super-Boredom, a free webcomic series about an unwilling supervillain pulled deeper into the showmanship of capes and cowls.

This Patreon is largely going to feature behind-the-scenes process and early-release content at the moment, and may be that way for some time, due to the time-consuming beast that is comics! I'm keeping the pledges super low -- $1 for basic early access, and $2 for behind-the-scenes process stuff, and will keep it that way for some time. Every little bit helps, so if you like my work, please consider throwing a bone or two!

Be well, folks.
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- Grants access to comics in progress, showcases unfinished illustrations, character design sheets, script documents, and other stuff I don't release to the public.

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This goal allows me to be choosier about which projects I take on, and gives me an opportunity to take risks on independent projects that I can share publicly and openly.

I'm gonna make a webcomic anyway, but this goal allows me to devote daily effort in building and maintaining a story. Essentially, more comics that you can read, more frequently.
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