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Just like my smallest book, this is my smallest tier. It's for those who want to help and be involved but can only offer a little. For those people you will receive a monthly photo of the star of my children's book series, Adventures of a Cat Wizard. Bear (and his brothers upon occasion) is more than happy to give you photos.

In addition to this you will be the first to access title, cover, and plot reveals of my upcoming novels, as well as early access to my blog posts and Youtube videos.


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Hello people willing to give up one coffee a month to support me! I love you!

You get everything the previous tier gets (cat photos and reveals).

You also get monthly sneak peeks at my WIPs! They will be posted to my page and will be things such as draft chapters, special scenes, outline glimpses, etc. etc. Only my patrons will have access to these!

Graduate Magical Student

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Do you like free things? So do I! This tier is for you!

You get:

- Everything in the previous tiers

- Access to a Patron-only area on my website containing goodies (bonus blog posts, free book swag, etc)!

- Automatic entry into every single give-away I host! (see! Free stuff!)




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About Andie Barr


Alright everybody, my name is Andie Barr and I am an indie author. Quickly about me and my work: I write adult, NA, and YA novels in the romance and fantasy genres, and I write children's fantasy. I design my own covers and I am also on youtube discussing writing methods, mental health issues, lifestyle, and general nerdiness in movie and book reviews and gaming videos. (Most of this content is being planned at this stage but I want to expand my channel and create content that doesn't just sit in my little writing niche). I'm nerdy, fun, and upbeat but also honest and genuine in everything that I do.

So, why have I made this patreon?
As an indie author, my costs for publication and advertising come from my own funds, especially in the initial stages when I'm not making money off my writing yet. The costs for publishing books are quite high, even if you take the cheapest roads you can. Not to mention, I work only part time (we're talking 10-20 hours a week) and study full-time and still try to find time to keep writing and, try to keep up my social media. I would love to be able to cut out the part-time work and focus on studying and writing, which would allow me much more time to make content and write. And thus, I decided to turn to patreon. I love the idea of a community of people who are interested in my work and the content I provide, who come together to support me and I can ask for group opinions on potential covers, find beta readers, and test out new characters in short pieces of writing on (those are just some of the things I hope my patrons will be able to do for me) and in return they will get extra videos, extra content, early access to content, they will be the first to see covers and know titles and read sneak peeks of my work.

I see this being a very beneficial relationship.

How will your patronage help?
You're gonna help me afford the best services I can to make my work the best it can be. You're going to help me be able to run my little business while studying and working only a part-time job. It is my hope that patreon can become a solid form of income for me, allowing me to focus on writing in a more full-time capacity (as much as can be full-time while studying). Also, if you're Australian and a student, to help support yourself you can get this thing called Youth Allowance from the government, I would really like to not have to do that anymore because I despise dealing with Centrelink every time something goes wrong, it's giving me more grey hairs than I already have.

How do we begin?
As soon as I have patrons joining me, we're gonna kickstart this content. There's gonna be all kinds of fun things coming your way, especially for this first month as we approach the release of my debut novel: Paper Flowers so come and join me! We're going to have loads of fun, pinky swear!
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A special short story is coming your way!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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