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Zombie Slayer
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For less than the price of a coffee you will receive a digital download of all stories sponsored by this Patreon, and have access to items as I post them.

This will be 1-2 short stories of 5 thousand words or more per month. Possibly a zombie story, a sci-fi story, maybe a vampire story or even a swash buckling war story. Who knows? 

Or it maybe chapter reveal to a much longer story. Either or, you will get over 5,000 words of pure adventure. :-)

Not bad for $1 right?

Alien Hunter
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For the price of 1 big cup of coffee - depending where you buy your coffee - you will receive all the benefits from the previous tier.

Plus a monthly video update and access to private member only Facebook group where you can ask questions, offer suggestions and be the first to learn about my future projects including the longer books I am writing.

Time Travel Detective
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For the price of 2 big cups of coffee - depending where you buy your coffee - you will receive all the benefits from the previous tiers.

I shall host a monthly Google Hangout where you can ask me questions, offer up suggestions and basically chat with me... about anything.

You will also get the opportunity to read the first drafts of my longer stories and give me valuable feedback.




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About Andi Leeman

Pulp Fiction For The Modern Generation

Hi my name is Andi, and I love to write. I have a crazy imagination and a lot of stories and adventures to share.

I would like to share with the world my mini Break Time Adventures... a series of short stories which you can read during your breaks (or any time of the day) making the working day that little more exciting.

Similar to the Pulp Fiction popular during the first half of the 20th century but with a modern slant for a modern generation.

Stories will probably include, aliens, zombies, alien-zombies?, vampires, alien-vampires? time travelling gangsters, robots, laser guns, robots with frickin' laser guns (possible attached to their heads), crime and a whole lot more.

There will also be further adventures of my hero Bernard Cooper, the English postman who is living in a zombie apocalypse. His hobby is to go out and slay zombies in the badlands during the evenings.

Please Note: My stories are more like TV dramas and films and not like soap operas, more gritty and real. So expect real life language and graphic descriptions of violence and sex.... when it is needed.

My characters are more Sweary Mary than Holy Mary

When you become a Patreon you will get monthly access to incredible adventures wayyyyyyyyyy before anyone else in the world.

Learn more about me here:
$0 of $1,000 per month
Brilliant! When this goal is met I can forget the stress and worry of having to pay the mortgage and buy food so I can focus purely on the writing. 

The more writing that I can do, the better I will become and the better the stories will become. Everyone is a winner! :-)

Expect a lot more writing from me plus more videos and general fun postings.
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