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Thanks for the support!  Every dollar helps as I would be able to devote more time and resources to my projects such as One Piece Avnegers and Andimoo Comics!
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Thanks you so much! You will have access to all tier 1 rewards, as well as my work in progress sketches of One Piece Avengers, Andimoo Comics and Durian comics!
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Thank you so much for the support! You will have access to all tier 1 & 2 rewards, as well as all my high resolution One Piece Avengers paintings and all other artworks I produced!




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Please support us so that we are able to do a full serialization of One Piece Avenger Manga. It will be a Bi-weekly series. It is impossible to create the manga on a regular basis without hiring inkers, colorist and assistants to help out in the production process. Help us make our dream come true!! >< All backers will get Ebook if we reach our goal!
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