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About Andrea Ferrero

Hi! I am a software developer and photography enthusiast, and the creator of the PhotoFlow image editor. I am also a big fan/supporter of Open Source (FLOSS) software.

PhotoFlow allows to open and edit images in several common image formats, including RAW and HDR formats. It provides a growing set of non-destructive tools (exposure and color adjustments, HDR tone mapping, sharpening, cropping, perspective and lens corrections, and much more...), as well as complex masking capabilities for local adjustments.

If you are unsatisfied by the commercial image editing options, PhotoFlow might turn out to be your editor of choice! Why not give it a try if you don't know it yet?

You can follow the PhotoFlow development on its blog, see it in action on YouTube, and join me directly on the forum or on Google+.

In addition to the PhotoFlow development, I am also contributing to few other FLOSS image editing projects, for which I am providing continuous integration support and pre-compiled binary packages for Linux (in AppImage format) and Windows. The projects for which I am currently providing packages are the following:

As a patron, you have the chance to greatly help me pursue my FLOSS efforts and show your appreciations for my work. My goal here is to get some additional support for my growing family through my work as a FOSS developer.

Unlike many artists here, I am not planning to provide true rewards to patrons. This for two good reasons:
  • I am rather against the "you get it only if you pay" phylosophy
  • My work as a FLOSS developer cannot really produce results that can be privately given to patrons only

However I can offer patrons my time, support, and technical knowledge: I will do my best to provide patrons with the fastest and most detailed feedback when it comes to questions, user feedback and suggestions. My creator page or the forum are the right places for this!
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 Once I will reach the goal of $250/month, I will make sure to spend at least one hour each day on my Open Source projects. The time will be shared between the development of PhotoFlow and the work on the other projects (bug fixes, continuous integration, etc...).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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