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You are officially not an impostor! You're following your gut, making a podcast that matters, and supporting someone else (ahem, me) in making theirs.

This means you'll get access to my patron-only feed including the secret podcast "Craft & Culture BTS" an intimate behind-the-scenes look at pod-craft.  This is me on the mic, sharing personal thoughts and insights as opportunities in audio media shift, as well as answers to YOUR burning podcast questions.

You'll also have my deepest gratitude and probably some super juicy creative karma too.


  • Craft & Culture BTS with Podcast Envy secret podcast
  • Patron-only content feed 
  • Gratitude (guaranteed) & Great Karma (most likely!)

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VIP = Very Important Podcaster. 

Circle = An anxiety-free, inviting, supportive space for interaction, collaboration, and forward momentum for those of us who want to use podcasting to shift culture, make a positive impact, and support our own creative, mission-driven self-expression. 

*$29 rate is only available for the 1st 5 members who sign up (and for a limited time.)


  • Personal thank you and podcaster feature on one episode of Podcast Envy
  • Invitation to monthly online office hours and Zoom Call with ME
  • Invitation to private VIP Facebook Group
  • Craft & Culture BTS secret podcast
  • Patron-only content feed 
  • Gratitude (guaranteed) & Great Karma (most likely!)

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You are making wishes come true! You will get a thank you in every episode of The Creative Impostor and Podcast Envy and on Facebook (with a link to your website if appropriate), plus all previous rewards.


  • Creative Impostor Studios self-care package (one time)
  • Personal thank you on EVERY episode of The Creative Impostor or Podcast Envy (your choice)
  • Craft & Culture BTS with Podcast Envy secret podcast
  • Patron-only content feed 
  • Gratitude (guaranteed) & Great Karma (most likely!)

About Andrea Klunder, The Creative Impostor Studios

The craft & culture of podcasting.

Hi, I’m Andrea, podcast producer, consultant, speaker and YOUR PODCAST BOSS.

You're here because...

You want to do more than make a podcast.
You want to make a make a positive impact.
You want your listeners to have a unique experience.
You want to define success in your own way.
You want to be part of a culture that is focused on SHIFTING culture, rather than just following what everyone else is doing.

I'm here because...

I want to do all of that with you.

A podcast can be a powerful instrument for connection, trust, and social impact.
Your show can be a catalyst for someone's transformation.
Podcasting can be a craft that brings you deep satisfaction and, dare I say, joy.


A storytelling artist at heart, I’ve honed the technical skills and entrepreneurial perspective to craft podcasts that will facilitate an intimate connection with your listeners, build loyal community, and immerse your followers in an authentic experience.

Our shows include…

Podcast Envy, the craft & culture of podcasting

The Creative Impostor, how to take bold action in your life and work, despite the little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT!”

Power Your Story, a high school mentoring program and podcast produced by students with diverse learning challenges in Chicago

Craft & Culture BTS -- taking the art of podcasting DEEP and giving you an behind-the-scenes view. Real pod-life talk.

The Creative Impostor Studios provides custom production, editing, and consulting services for mission-driven individuals, companies and organizations. We can help you launch your show or enhance your production experience.

Your Patreon support helps me to
make time to publish more episodes on a more consistent schedule, generate bonus content, support emerging voices AND to help other creative visionaries to share their gifts with the world.

Check out the Power Your Story Podcast, produced by my high school students through our Podcast Tech program in Chicago to see what I mean.

Our shows are all on Apple Podcasts (iOS), Google Podcasts (android), Spotify, and Stitcher.
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I can gift one scholarship per month to the Podcast Envy VIP launch program to helping someone launch their own podcast, who might not otherwise be able to do it.
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