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A lot goes into creating the teachings that I offer. Mainly my personal experience and studying. This is always a twisting and turning journey, and not the straight forward lessons and ideas I share. Want to see how it goes from me struggling to actionable advice? With your support I am offering an inside glimpse of my behind the scenes process.

So what exactly am I sharing?

1: Behind the journal. Yes that is right you will get a peak inside my real journal to see what is going on!

2: Behind the creation of my books/teachings.

3: Behind the picture. I am a hobby nature photographer, and have many stories behind the pictures that actually tie to my personal growth. So I share the story behind the picture.

4: Q&A week! You send in your questions and I will record a video answering as many as I can!

When is each shared? I decide based on what is going on for a given week. Some weeks are journal heavy, some photo heavy, some a mix. I will share whatever is the most powerful each week.

The Q&A will be targeted for the 15th of each month.

*Billing is the 1st of every month

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Andrea Travillian is a writer, teacher and hobby nature photographer.

I specialize in personal transformation including topics like: happiness, spiritual growth, emotional healing, success and confidence.

How did I get here?  A long story (which I am working on as part of my current book), but here is a short version to get you going.

In 2014, I was struggling. I had always put everyone else ahead of me. I was worn out.

So I went on a journey to change my life.

I had to. The way I was operating was depleting me on every single level. I was physically getting sicker, even though I "looked" healthy. I was mentally worn out. Forgetting things that were 100% against my personality and strengths. I was emotionally depleted. I simply could not handle my own stress and pain along with taking on everyone else's. I was spiritually at a crossroads.Nothing made sense anymore.

So I decided I was done.

Done following everyone else's rules.
Done not paying myself enough attention.
Done not following my heart.

So I did a deep dive in to understanding myself. Trying to figure out why I kept running into the same problems.Why I always put others first. Why I did not think I was worthy - of just about anything. Why I needed desperately for everyone to like me.I tried just about everything and slowly started making changes.

Fast forward to March 2019. I had a major realization.

I had transformed my life. See it was a really bad day and when I went to be that night - I was HAPPY!

Yes happy!

I was not stressed. I had not run around all day worried about everyone else. I handled what needed to be handled. Took time outs when needed and believed everything would be okay.
While I realized I could always improve (and would continue to do so) I also realized that I was authentically happy with me and who I was.

So I started gathering what I did to get to a place of pure joy. (I like to break things down into easy to understand parts.)

What came out is a process that anyone can implement to transform their own life.

Here on my page, you can get behind the scenes looks at my new content, private monthly lessons and more.

And yes, the nature photography was part of my healing journey!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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