Andre Henry

is creating music & practical insight on antiracist civil resistance.
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About Andre Henry

Hello and thank you for visiting my Patreon page! 

Hope & Hard Pills has been a weekly email offering practical insight on creating an anti-racist society. I believe that living in a racist society is entirely optional, and my work is to help ordinary people discover their power to create a different kind of world. Now I'm excited for Hope & Hard Pills to become a community that I hope you'll be a part of.

Each week, I curate a free email with an inspiring micro-blog and curated articles and videos for people that want to do something about racism. But the work is expanding now to interview thought leaders and practitioners and create learning resources. This means that the team behind Hope & Hard Pills will have to expand to meet the tasks ahead. 

Our in-office team is growing to include a producer for exclusive subscriber content and experiences, three more curators for our weekly email, a part-time "office" administrator, a part-time content coordinator, and an events manager. Our out-of-office team will include our subscribers, hopefully, you! 

Subscribers participate in the work of Hope & Hard Pills by creating the space and resources for our team to curate and create excellent content. We hope you'll join the movement.

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