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About Andrew Applepie

Hey :) 
Wether you're a long time supporter or new on this site: THANK YOU! 
The past year has been amazing and thanks to you I became a full time Applepie.
I'm able to live off of my music and dedicate all my time to it + make some dorky youtube videos:)
<3 <3 <3
If you enjoy what I do, sign up :)
You'll gain access to my Community (starting at 2$) and you can use all of my music in your videos, if they are personal videos (Vlogs, How To's, etc). You may also monetize.
If you're a company, a startup, an organization, get paid for a video or want to use my music in any commercial context, please get in touch first.
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Support me and help me be a fulltime musician :)
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